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August Month
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Take Time Off To Relax
2. Enjoy God's Creation
3. Take A Trip/See A Friend
4. Prepare One's Heart For Seasonal Changes
5. Find A Coupon And Use It
6. Make A New Desert
7. Enjoy the night sky
8. Shopping Season For Sales
9. Relax On The Porch
10. Celebrate The New Going Back To Shool Season Even If All Your Doing Is Going To Work

Football Season
by Christina Farris

Football season and the new season of college, high school and little league ball is beginning in many areas. Let us not forget the end of Baseball season and world series too.

Mighty show of sportmenship in the Olympic games this season of 2021. Let enjoy life even if it only from the sidelines and a television screen, Enjoy with family and friends.

The Great Unknown
by Christina Farris

What Is the great unknown but the return to school and the preparation for the future. How many students go off to college only four years later to discover that their career path suddenly has changed and how many achieve their goal only to discover this was not the direction they should of gone in. Yet by and by what students learn is that life is ever evolving and ever changing. That life is not about always the destination but the doors that open and the ability to achieve and adapt in our forever changing world. That is what life is about, growing learning, becoming productive in our future that ever changing.

This year and last year was ever changing for many, no doubt it upset their goals and careers as the world embraced changes in our society. It is those changes that come quick and we wonder how was life really different. We look back instead of saying fifty years of change but how was two years different. How was our world different. Some only know the difference in the since of fear of the great unknown of their future of the world and others kind of new that fear factor was increasing by making life changes in how one does things around the home, and out in the working world. Who would of ever though grab it and go bag of the resturaunt meal would become a tradition, even in fancier societies, and not only imagine that if they did not do the go grab it bag those industries would of completely collasped. Medical world adapting to their change of how things are done, to the grocery stores plus the shipping world becoming more efficient to some degree. Those who never purchased online finally having too and others saying I take the risk by going in the store. Our world ever evolving without a clear future but a great unknown. That our world would exist even with changes of more positive healthier solutions to a world of death.

God never changed, and the way he works never changed, and his love was ever unfolding during the time of needed grace. Life did not stop, nor did faith cease, but God continue to build a wall of faith around his people allowing them to work through their situations with grace. There is a great unknown of future in this world, but not future for eternity, for one is either destined for heaven or destine for eternal lake of fire. One either is searching for their future, or know what lies on the other side of this world. One is either evolving in their faith, or growing in faith, or one is without faith in God.

The past few years have been market with a great unknown as far as what could be perceived by our human mind and eyes. Yet fear is not what should control the human heart. People are survivors by nature in this world and overcomers, with or without faith to do so. Tomorrow never certain but the reality effects us when there is a threat in our society. That is my point you can know your eternity, or destination, your future is brighter with faith in Christ Jesus then without. Did it change the threat level of pandemic, did it change the unknown of college, career or future. No but faith is knowing the things one can be certain of in this life time, because God is building a wall around us to ensure our faith remains intact that when the enemy comes that wall around his home our heart is secure in knowing Jesus lives and lives within our heart. The background this month is about the wall that surrounds our insecurity our human self, but by faith the blood of Jesus symbolized in the red brick wall will protect his people in the spiritual world and awaking world ahead. That when we fight temptation and the emotions of fear, uncertainity and stress, Christ is still covering us. still protecting us, and aiding us as we depend on him for faith, strength and hope in our uncertain world we live in. That wall of brick is built by Christ love for us. That wall can only be built by his hand. That is mercy and grace is enough to last a life time.

Returning students enjoy your new tomorrow and your future. Trust in Jesus and he will be the protector and shield in your lifetime and in your time to be with him in heaven. He will guide and direct your steps even when the future of our world is unknown. Whether you career choice makes a left turn or changes to fit the need of survival. God knows your future and his plan for you is all laid out, and his plan is to meet the desires of your heart even when the job your in seems unvaluable at times, it maybe part of your training for your future that you just do not like. Press on God is still on the throne.

God Back In School
by Christina Farris

As parents send their young children back to school, be reminded that even if they not sharing Jesus, they still making friends with people in the world. Those are the families you have opportunity to witness too and invite to your local church or Bible Study. Sometimes it not always testimony but an open door to share faith as children get to know one another first.

As these young kids develop social skills it time of learning and working together in a classroom that will in still hopefully good social skills for years to come. If it not ask yourself how can I help my children, or my school with social interaction. Putting God back in school is putting his law of love first in school, his compassion for people, his testimony back in time to share the hope with the world.