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July Month
Independence 2021
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1. Thank God for giving you freedom through Christ Jesus
2. Walk a pet outside
3. Canning, freezing for those gardeners
4. Enjoy some Independence in the shade in an air conditioned room
5. Cookout or grab a bit to eat at a local resteraunt
6.Make a new cooler drink for refreshment safe enough for the kids if you got kids
7. Enjoy the night sky
8. Family night play a yard game
9. Catch Lightening bugs
10. Celebrate the Fourth of July

Independence Day
by Christina Farris

July 2, 1776 became America's Independence day. Freedom being on a pipe dream in one sense though we fight to keep it daily. Australia gained their Independence in 1986, I remember because I was watching the news in March of the year when the news broke Australia freed herself from the royal crown of Great Britian. Something Australia and America have in common, and yet the royal crown is still able to watch to be a friend to both nations. No longer do we look at Britian as enemy but a friend. How many years did this friendship take probably longer then it took two governments took to make peace. It is the little people that never forget the sacrifice between nations. Yet I personal only remember hearing the red coats are coming as a little girl when it came time to celebrate 4th of July. Our nation in blue coats with blood running ever so red fought for victory to the end. We wave a flag to honor our nation, and yet at the same time we forget what we truly fought to achieve.

Our nation as a whole still shouting freedom and let freedom ring, only to forget that battle that started the song Star Spangle Banner by Francis Scott Key. 911 changed that as new songs wrote about our freedom, and about the cry for freedom in our land. The cry of big government and no order within its own ranks. Yet we still celebrate and cry let freedom ring in our land and my the voice of freedom still be heard as our Constitution is questioned, especially the Bill of Rights. The Bill Rights being the part of the Constitution that holds all our freedoms intact, much like the ten commandments holding God's people in check.

What the point some might cry, to know the Bill of Rights are still intacted and not question by our Congress, is because it is those freedoms our land holds to our civil liberties and freedoms that says all people are equal and not just a few. When our government uses big brother to control little brother and use threats, mischief and murder to control the people, freedom is no longer freedom and our Bill of Rights just lost their freedom. It like says today the Devils have full reign in Christdom. It like saying there is no power in Christ anymore. I will tell you this God still reigns and Christ still rules and their word still remains by God's Holy Spirit. God power still rules and nothing ever changes the laws of God. The laws of man on the other hand are often changed to suit evil men who care nothing of human rights and definitely not the rights of good honest working people. Many americans worked even if they never pay taxes. Some is work is volunteered, some work is done for family as care giver, or even gophers. What it means the family member does all those things no one else has time to do, to help make home life much simpler, sometimes the only reward for those people are the clothes on their back, the food in their belly and the roof over the head. Can people protect these people that work, that do not pay into the system only if married and taxes of the spouse is subtracted from wages of the spouse.

What my point our nation cries in anguish when people seem lazy and no longer able to work that these people have no value, that is nazism at its finest. Nazism and Communism is not freedom or the freedom of our own nation. The plight of the disabled, the plight of the old and the plight of those stuck in a system that does not allow for change or improvement. How many people know at least one person that could of used a hand up during the pandemic did not get it and had to go to the street or shelter before finding work. No one ever thought things would be this bad in America, but when people start helping and making stone soup, our nation rises up once more about the value of each thing thrown into the stew pot to make stone soup. Those carrots are mighty tasty, along side some potatoes, peas, corn, okra, broccoli, spinache, cabbage, and more just to name a few things added. The unity of that soup being made to restore unity and value to all that gave to that soup pot.

For Christians you can not adopt another faith and still have Christianity. You can not become an idolator and think God will spare you. The unity and freedom found in Christ is obeying the Holy Spirit and the laws of love for all believers. When we act on the law of love then we have freedom. God warns about idolators and those that would try and divide faith, but he does not destroy these people until sin has reach the heighth of heaven. What means is for the believer we learn tolerance of those different then us in a crazy mixed up world of differences. Yet do we justify things not of God never. We just leave those things alone and only make good trade with those that are different, to show solidarity to the human race and freedom of religion. God does tear down idols, but it best if we let God do it. Man sees the love of God it is natural to want it. Sometimes the greatest witness is sharing of the truth and letting truth set a person free.

Today is Fourth of July the day of Independence, day of religious freedom, free speech, right to bear arms, the right to persue happiness, and the right to fair trial.

In Christian world are we willing to agree to freedom of faith, speech, bear arms, persue happiness and the right to fair trail and not a kangeroo court. Can our government lay down enough power to say equality even on their level means they are subject to the law of freedom of the people, and rights are protected even if they mess up. What we really need to do is great rid of the gangs in government that work at doing evil together and bust them. Those that are good at what they do should be reformed and taught better governemental solutions. Bully governments should never be allowed to work with bully government within our own borders. How many cops does it take to take one man down, how many cops does it take to control a scene? How long does it take for good government to bust up bad government? That where trouble lies. Our independence in the world we live in is based on where good government controls, until Christ returns. Where good government is bad people have only their own stupidity of breaking the law to stand on.

Celebrate the 4th of July because as a Christians your rights are suppose to be protected, Your rights are the same as the enemy down the street. Consider using those freedoms to inact freedom until Christ returns with those in opposition to your faith. Use the law to protect theirs and your rights. Use independence Day as a reminder of those freedom and not just celebration of victory!!!

Life Is More Then A Beach
by Christina Farris

Life is more then a beach, but the summer days of fun at the beach or a sandy lakeside shore can be exciting. Those long walks on the beach with family or friend, can be romatic as well as a reminder of the beauty of God's creation. The vastness of the ocean compare to a little lakeside beach, is far different. Lakes are man made only made in the likeness of the ocean fronts that God has created for man. Yet man feels the need to duplicate, to bring water fun to the area as a retreat for those that can not make it to the ocean.