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June Month
Adaption 2021
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1.Five new ways to adapt to change this month as Summer arises with prayer.
2. Take a walk
3. Do a little gardening
4. Outdoor recreation
5. Indoor cooling activities
6.Make a new cooler drink for refreshment safe enough for the kids if you got kids
7. Enjoy the night sky
8. Family cookout night
9.Go to the gym or outdoor hike
10. Celebrate Father's Day

The Graduating Class Of 2021
by Christina Farris

This year of 2021 has been difficult year but a learning year for many. Our homes and schools have been disrupted by change in learning, Yet in life learning is often disrupted by change in work, life skills that continue on and often need restructoring for change. If anything we can learn about 2021 is whether or not we can adapt to change. If change is so important why so, it is because change is coming in our world as we even speak. People still get up in the morning the same way, shoes and socks still are put on the same way begining with toe going in first, nothing new about that. Yet change is because most the time people like change, but not change to repetitive task, to repetitive skills, and to repetitive facts. We want things to change in our world for the better because truth there is a lazy bone in all of us. We want faster more easier ways of doing things, that will not wear the body down that already wearing down.

If the graduating class could learn anything about change it be more about adapting to the curve balls life throws you. No one knows what curve balls are coming but God, but can we adapt.

Adaptablity is the trademark for 2021. May you grow and adapted in the world in which we live to make it far better place then last year. Making positive change as you go forth into universities/colleges and career, may God grant you the ability to adapt to your surroundings, but also see knew ways to improve those surroundings.

Mark 14:58 KJV
58 We heard him say, I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.

Christ came to help with change in our world we live in. Many heard Jesus say he would destroy this temple that is made with hands and within three days I will build anothere made without hands. What kind of structure can be made without hands, the structure built by the Holy Spirit from repentance to conversion of faith in Christ Jesus. What does this mean. Jesus was laying the foundation stone of the word fo God in which all spiritual buildings of Spirit would need to be built upon. When Jesus rose and died again it was only three days. Those three days were given us new life and understanding of God's grace and peace for mankind. Man's world being often unjust only to be changed by the power of Christ forgiveness on the cross.

Where are we we looking at the cross as the changing point of our life, and we learn to adapt to God the Father's will in our life as Jesus/Word of God transform us into new creation before the world. May the class of 2021 understand adapting to God the Father's will for there life is an adventure waiting to happen as soon as they receive Christ as Savior and Lord, and for those saved, you adventure is already on its way.

Father's Day
by Christina Farris

Father's Day is not just about the celebration of the life of our earthly fathers, but our Heavenly Father that created us all. Sailing will always remind me of my dad, but it also reminds me of Jesus. See we know that Jesus sailed with the fishermen he called to be disciples around the region, probably faster more efficient way to travel at times. Yet it also removed him from the shore of the crowd. Many father's love that time with their children but they to often want that day to enjoy for themselves. It like the Sabbath day rest for God. The hammock, the cool drinks and the quiet day of relaxation outdoors and indoors. A day of celebrating Fatherhood, and yet is a day of celebrating the gift of being allowed to be a father. Maybe fatherhood like motherhood is one of God's greatest blessings to man. Whether you created your children or adopted your children they are blessing to their dad's given by God. God willing adopts the children not his own and produce children in the bloodline of the saved. Let us not forget God loves us all and that he is the Father of us all.