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May Month
Rise And Shine
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1.Five women in your life to be grateful to God for list.
2. Take a walk
3. Do a little yard work
4. Enjoy first of the growing season
5. recreation activity
6.Spring Cleaning
7. Outdoor fun activity
8. Family Movie Night
9.Go to the gym or outdoor hike
10. Celebrate Memorial Day

National Day Of Prayer
by Christina Farris

by Christina Farris

If I could express my thankfulness to God's provision, God, grace, God love and God protection throughout this pandemic, then it be now with vaccine more readily available in our nation and becoming more available in other nations. If I could express what the month of May symbolizes to me, my anniversary, Mother's Day, Secretary week, nurses week and I sure I leaving someone out. It so easy to do. If I could express the need to continue to pray during the National Day Of Prayer it be right now. Our world, our own country and countries around the world need more prayer, because the war of pandemic is not over yet, but to say we making headway would say it taking the world to work together. If I could say thank you Lord that some church have chosen even with their doors open to remain online, I say praise the Lord.

Feeling thankful for everything going on this month is not enough, It is the attitude of gratifulness for the season of celebrating women, for mother's day, and especially mother's with children of disabilities this year. I been watching lots of videos of children with different disabilities, from missing limbs, to limit mental skills, to Autism, disfigurements and so on and so forth. The thing that stirs my heart about each case, is the patience of the parents especially the mothers who work from home and care for their child with disabilities with calmness of a saint. Yet I realize movies can be clipped and pasted. Yet it still takes skill, patience and knowing your child ability to encourage them to achieve bigger and larger goals in their life. I also think of mother's who have aged into golden years who now take care of their spouse full time and hope I have that same grace one day. I see that grace in my spouse, but I think I have yet to find it. Yet to see it in others I realize it more then just a simple duty but it is a genuine love of a caregiver, the spouse, the significant other that cares for those with special needs. That these people can not exist without care or treatment from their love one. Some people understanding fully what their caregivers are doing for them, and others without a clue but have a smile for their caregiver when they are near or sometimes even a hug.

God is the caregiver of his children, the secretary of our soul, and the nursemaid to our heart. God attributes of mother exist in the word wisdom and knowledge. Reference wisdom has being a she, but it is part of God and not the only part of God. The idea of wisdom caring femine trait can only mean that wisdom often comes from knowledge only a woman has, except for God. It that part God gave women to understand when men first reaction to a situation with an attitude is usually guided by emotion and strength and not knowledge. Woman with the wisdom to leave the man alone until he figures out his first reaction is not what it should be. God's first reaction to evil man was always destruction. Moses in the wilderness talking to God and God looking over in the valley at man building the idol that looks like a calf. Angry enough to kill them, but Moses asked God not to do it. Moses gets down the mountain only to kill those that bow to the calf and would he have allowed God to destroy if he only had seen what God seen. What does woman do, she seems to stand with her man making not sound. Yet I sure their were woman that voiced an opinion too. Did not Moses's sister Miraim speak out at one point and get leprosy. Was not Miraim the one that watched over Moses when he was in the bulrushes in the ark as a baby. Not always was God's people obedient to him, but they learn to follow his instruction. Wisdom is following God's rules and his design for leaders in one's life.

Secretaries may take a back seat and so might a nurse but they are very will aware what treatment a doctor or directive a boss might give. They are will aware of the danger of making a mistake, The need for compassion even when the boss or doctor is not. It is a fact that those that learn to serve another, must learn the patience of Job and the compassion of Jesus, who love us so much he went to the cross for our sins. Often the mother is seen as humble servant, the strong boss in the work field and in her kitchen at home, the den mother of scouts, and other activities like the PTA. The secretary or bill keeper of the family, the keeper of things need doing in the home, that why hubbies have that honey do list. May day of celebration of others be done with thankfulness that God created woman for special design no matter the job, the home, the place of service, mothers are God's gift to mankind.

To be thankful for all these things I do see in the world, and yet know it God's grace that sustains us in difficult and trying times in our world, though the gift of each other and his Spirit. Let us be truly thankful and continue to love despite the difficulties we encounter.

Cooler Refreshers
by Christina Farris