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April Month
Rise And Shine
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1.Rise Up!!! And give God the Glory
2. Take a walk
3. Do a little gardening.
4. Enjoy first picnic of the season
5. Hard cleaning party
6.Spring Cleaning
7. Find the baseball glove and ball/basketball
8. Family Movie Night
9.Go to the gym/ fishing
10. Enjoy the beauty of God's creation coming to life outside as spring begins to come more alive.

Spring Begins
Rise And Shine!!
by Christina Farris

The Journey May Not Always Be The Same
by Christina Farris

If I could celebrate only one Christian day and no other it would be Resurrection day/Easter. It is the day we celebrate new life through Christ Jesus, because of His finished work on the cross. Season of Lent being finished with the resurrection Sunday, no more repentance for another year. No my friend. Anytime we realize we failed God/sinned against God we should turn away from the sin, resist the sin, ask for forgiveness of sin. Meaning our sins for eternity is forgiven, but our life is a life of humbleness before God. Yet is also a time of rising up with Christ through his resurrection and not remaining at the cross of Jesus. Not remaining at the throne of God in worship but continuing life joureny with Christ leading us and guiding our pathway by the Holy Spirit. It is time to rise up like little flowers poking their heads up, and trees budding bring new life. Little chicks being hatch with little ducklings. Rising up as a colt just born anew tries to walk with toddling steps of a new born. Us old worn out people no long stand up before God like a new colt but like a retired mule, a little stubborn, because to bow and to rise it not what it once was. Yet we rise with the joy of knowing our sins are at the cross and new life through Christ resurrection continues through the sanctification process of the Holy Spirit. Yet, change not coming so quick because of an older habits and transgressions as when we were first saved. We look at the road of life and say why would it hurt and that is the world saying your old, you only live once syndrome.

We might believe we live once , but our journey if saved does not end at the grave, so consider do you really want that one thing effecting your relationship or another relationship with God? We need to ask ourselves is our sin crippling us. If it is then we need spiritual healing only Christ can bring and sometimes another brother and sister who can help in healing. Peter and John came to a cripple man and said money I have none, but I will give you what I have. He told the cripple man to rise up and walk.

Acts 3:6 KJV
6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

If we rise with Christ we are healed of our sin, we are to rise up and walk with Jesus. If we have faith and our sin is damaging us we need healing from that sin, and to rise up and continue walking with Jesus. The resurrection process not always over with the first resurrection but continues through the sanctification process of the Holy Spirit. God is saying rise up my children, sleep not in the sin of the world, but rise up to the life Christ has already given you through the cross and resurrection.

May you have a blessed Easter/Resurrection Day! management.

Tax Season 2020
by Christina Farris