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March Month
Of Hope
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1.Plan something you can give up for the period of lent, time of personal discipline in one's relationship to God
2. Take a drive
3.Each member of the family have a cooking night
4. Dance night
5. Read a book outloud playing different parts with family or friends
6.Search for Rainbows(God's Promises)
7. Go on a treasure hunt
8. Family Movie Night
9.Go to the gym/other recreational activity like bowling/skating
10. Quack like a duck in the rain and drink something warm, your choice.

Spring Begins
Spring means new life is coming to our world.
by Christina Farris

The Journey May Not Always Be The Same
by Christina Farris

As I watch the world around me, I wonder how the world is coping with the financial changes going on in their lives. Some slow to ask for help, others maybe to quick and other's never asking because they think they could not receive the help if they even asked. Some people selling everything they got to fix their financial crisis. Others taking any work available to make ends meet. In 1990 and 1996 I faced my own health issues, though it was not cov 19. My husband hurt on the job, I am very physically sick and only thing we knew to do is hope that my health would recover which it never came back to the place we needed it too.

Though God has shaped, molded my life, healed me in different aspects of my health miraculously and so forth, I still struggle with fatigue and lack of endurance, though some might claim including myself might say I have endurance just not the kind I need at the present for doing what I need to do.

There is a point when government shut down jobs, people in some places still worked and other shut their doors. Some panicked, because without that paycheck that was end of their financial security. Those that applied for unemployment knew first hand it was a cut in pay from their normal paycheck. The time to get government assistance, people found out they might have to sell things to get the assistance. Now if you are poor you might not have a thing of value to sell, that leaves a whole knew picture, you might immediately qualify for help, but it still less then what you made before. Our humanity says we can provide for ourselves our reality is we are at the bottom of the rock piles and can not get back up. Some people are facing the bottom of the rock pile with no way to remove the pile of rocks that are crushing them into the ground. People feel trampled on, stomped on and fine out the world around them could care less. People once with hope because of their job, now find they are having to regroup and take a job that they can get hired for.

Truth of the matter, it is not easy for those that face disability, you feel what it is to have a pandemic, imagine being on the disabled listed, loose one's work, loose compension, loose the ability to work, and not least your spouse can not pull the weight you did, or you have children, or you are single with no one to help in the situation. That is life some would say. Yet there is no job, no work, nothing that is promised, but eternal life through Christ Jesus. Point being today may not be like yesterday but tomorrow there is always hope. The greatest hope is found in Jesus. Where is your hope today?

If you are head for the street, is it the worse place to be? If you head to living with family hoping to help make ends meet, is that the worse possible situation? It depends on who one ask. Yet I watch our government send aid year after year to who, but foreign governments immediately who request aid? I hope it takes longer for other countries to get aid then it does America, because if doesn't our nation has a problem.

Can you focus on your situation long enough to see the blessings in the storm? Can you see God's promises. That extra car, that new boat, the new electronics and so forth that can be sold for cash is now no longer important. Your health, your need for shelter, food and so forth priority. The hope for a better solution coming only a pipe dream, and yet the reaity is only a day away, Tomorrow will come and new tomorrow will emerge. Now my question where is your faith, is it still intact? I have been through many storms and I know faith maybe the only thing intact when you get through all the daily trouble that can come with disaster, loss of work, loss of family/friends, and so forth.

God maybe the only one you can hold to in the storm, because around you the world is just as messed up as you. Then you might just see hope in the tomorrow, the promise yet to come. That hope is in the one that holds you in the storm his name is Jesus. He will hold you in the storm, he will hold you in the crisis, he will hold you for today and forever more. He hold you as you walk a road that different then before.

If I can encourage you if you going through difficulty, consider trusting Jesus today. I not promising you money, or food, but I promising you that hope in the storm will come, even with each crushing blow. Why because God promises us a comforter the Holy Spirit. He promises comfort in our life, not nice cushions to sit upon, but a solid rock to stand on, and spiritual rest. No long fearing what lies ahead for our eternity.

During my time of hardship I found out several things about life and God grace, and it was not simple easy road I traveled, it could of been a whole lot worse. and that why I say don't give up, look at the promise yet to come, the promise that lies in our tomorrows, and not always in our today. Today we can receive Christ as Savior but tomorrow is about our eternity that will come when Christ comes and takes us home.

Anniversary of the Cov 19 shut down begins sometime I believe in March. Do not know the date. You all we have survived a year with vaccine in progress now. Praise God for this victory and our victory of life eternal to all that believe in the hope through Christ Jesus.

Tax Season 2020
by Christina Farris

Right To Life
by Christina Farris

Who do you think God is going to have mercy when our nation still allows abortion. Who side are you on in this life of the unborn and just born, or only the land of the dead with no hope? Give the unborn the chance to live. That same right and choice you want.