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New Year
Bucket List
by Christina Farris

1.Sleigh Riding
2.Hot Tea/ Hot Chocolate
3. Start a New Hobby
4.Start a New Exercise routine, or do an old one.
5. Read a new book, watch a video
6. Learn about something you always wanted to know about.
7. Find a new recipe and fix it.
8.Work a Jigsaw puzzle.
9. Go for a walk in the cold.
10. Think of list of New Year Resolutions.
11.Plan fun indoor activities with family members and friends, that are on your safety list.
12. Put God in all things we do begining at number one. When Christ is first, everything else in one's life falls into place according to God's word and plan for our life.

Bring In The New Year 2021
by Christina Farris

Happy 2021!! May 2021 be a year of prosperity and not worry. Let's make the New Year a year of positive change and possibilities. May 2021 be a year of blessings and not turmoil in our lifes. No doubt 2020 as been positive for family unity and togetherness, but a time of separation for others. It been a year of heartbreak, uncertainity for some and a time of triumph for others. In truth was last year any different then any other year. Most of time the death is not as multiplied in an area, but in truth is this year any different. Was there not devastation from storms in the past, and hardship. Yet we weather these storms in life. These storms we do weather, and we will weather them again in years to come, but what can we say about the people of 2020, that they are resilent to solve issues, fight for democracy, fight for health and well being and so forth. Yet what will 2021 bring as we get a new president in office or face that the election is not as democratic as we once thought and protected as being one of our sacred constitutional rights. All we can do is hope and pray that January 6, 2020 proves our election system still works fairly and acurately. While one man Senator Mitch McConnely stalls the money all ready decided by congress to be approved as increase, what will hard hit families do. What is that all about.

Laying politics aside and say God is with all that have faith in him. He is standing at door of our heart knocking to allow Jesus in. To allow his word to pentrate our hearts so we go forth and do his will by his spirit, the word he has ordain for each of us. Simple truth, what is 2021 all about for the believer in Christ. It is about continuing our journey of faith and not letting our guard down when it comes to the enemy called Satan who love to tempt us and betray us every chance he gets. Holy Spirit is our protector, comforter if we will follow his directions. Who are you following hopefully Christ my Lord.

May 2021 be a year of hope, mercy and God grace. May it be a time of renewel and revival in our land. May the hope of Jesus reign in our hearts. May we no longer feel like we are in the school yard of life, but in the world of independence of hope for a bright future. See kids all go through similiar things in the school yard of life, but there is time of growing up and no longer being just like everyone else. We hope that is was 2021 is about, a time of independent free thinking, similiar and yet all different. May the memories of sorrow of 2020 be only a reflection of the good memories of people lost to the pandemic and their light of life be a reflection of our own hopes of who we want to be in the new year. May Christ bind each believer together.