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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Thankful What We Have
by Christina Farris

As I sit and think how the season have come and gone this year, only to remind us how we need to be thankful for the things we have and not those things that can not be had. Sometimes we learn the most from the least we have, and sometimes we learn the value of the gold. I drew the little mouse pic over ten years ago, it was one of first drawings I did, but I am not sure what I was thinking at the time that I drew it. But perhaps it is the season of being thankful even for the things that may not be new but are used or thought not to be of value. Perhaps it has to do with how sometimes the least we have the more we need to be thankful, or we appreciate even things we rather not have. A moldy piece of cheese, is usually green and there is no green there, but cheese in itself is mold. It a healthy mold not mold that needs to be remove yet. The piece of cheese cut in pie shape the mouses desert perhaps and his favorite food, better then turkey maybe.

Yet for some cheese is not a meal and for others it is a delite, the point being sometimes the best things to be thankful for is those things that are granted, provided or given that as valued as the moldy cheese to a mouse, which is a little taste of heaven.

We Will Overcome

by Christina Farris

What is thanksgiving but another day filled with fancy food and reminders of Puritans, Indians and Santa coming down the big Thanksgiving Day Parade Route. Let's not leave out the bands, the balloons, or the floats that come first. Let us not forget the lines of people in the streets waiting for the displays to come swiftly down the street, with others to come quickly after. The news caster commentary of the big parade to keep us excited of what is to come our way. Yet many of us will be home this year, wondering if this parade will happen. Well if you look online the show must go and is scheduled as usual, as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Something normal despite a pandemic and cov19 death in New York. What does it mean we might say life continues and New York wants the world to know it still going on despite the pain of those that lost their life. It not a city that allows the terror of 911 to stop it, or the horrors of a pandemic, it better then the post office when going through a crisis.

Though I only seen the view of New York City as a little girl the view of that city is still etch in my mind. It is the city with the Empire States building, the city with the Statue of Liberty. The city that movies are made about, the city that still makes headlines despite the chaos, it is the city that people seem to still look at as the city to fly into from all over the world. It is the city, that is not darkened by filth of rats, street people, or people in need of work. It is a city of resilence, that speaks still loudly to the world, that people of New York are overcomers and a people of hope. If not overcomers, then someone will move up and take up the torch of life in that city, a city that never shuts down, or closes its doors, but continues with force of certainity that they will over come.

Perhaps this Thanksgiving as we look at the world around us and our own towns, cities, states, and nation, we should be thankful for life that is within each border, that still says we will fight to overcome, and we will overcome. We are people of the earth that good or bad we will overcome.

The reality is still not clear when God's judgment comes the only one's to over come are his people. His people will be overcomers. Christ's returns to send judgment, of a different kind, a force of final destruction that worse then anything the world has ever seen. Yet with Christ's return, we know the truth of what some doubted what was really true. Christ is building a city for his people, with no more sorrow, no more pain and no more hardship within its borders, a place of peace. Can we tell someone of the hope of the eternal city built by God, a city of overcomers.

Praying For Our Nation Year Round!
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

The world and our nation needs continual prayer. I only had one picture in the card section in the National Prayer section that really should be a global prayer section.

Dear Heavenly Father
1. help our nation, our counties and our towns including our leaders and individuals in our nation and places around the world enabling not just our missionaries, but our global leaders.

2. Lord help our nations fight globally for victory over diseases and things that divide our country that are negative to society. It not just about praying for people to be saved, yet it is one the first things we ask you for, that you will heal the world spiritual, by enable all to believe in your name.

3. Lord help people to work together to resolve global, economic and health issues. To work as a global team for the betterment of society.

4. Lord during this crisis let it be not just our land, and area, but a tool to teach each other around the globe. Lord strengthen medical teams both rescue, emergency room, hospitals, doctors and nursing in every care unit around the globe and the hospital ships on our shores, that are station to help with pandemics as well as tents and other places set up to help in crisis situation.

5. Lord we pray for the war of illegal drugs will be put to a rest within our own borders to expand the globe against the slavery of drugs used to only to make a person delusional and high.

6. Lord if you not going to heal miraclously, help those that have knowledge to make better drugs to be made to treat and heal.

7. Lord if you are not going to give us the miracle of immediate deliverance, then help science and technology to gain the knowledge to cure disease that only you have been able to heal to mend our land permanently, to give them wisdom and knowledge to bring hope.

Lord never allow us to forget your power of healing and protection in time of crisis of individuals, as well globally. Let us not forget you are always victorious. Let us not forget you are the creator of all creation. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Things To Do In Hibernation
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

1. Spring/Fall clean
2.Clean yard and plant a garden
3. Start a family project and individual project.
4. Say a Prayer first of all and read a scripture or two together and individually.
5. Make a prayer list if you do not have one.
6. Exercise
7. Plan meals that will last a little longer then usual.
8. Play a game with the family, do not have a board game there is always charades or word game. (look online)
9. Find a good movie or set a television schedule of programs that are both entertaining and learning.
10. Take time out from others and focus on future plans you hope to accomplish.