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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Our Beating Heart
by Christina Farris 7/04/2020

The surrounding nations around us, from shore to shore, we hear you in our news, but it is the silence of the nations who just experienced the same cry of horror in their streets as the pandemic swept through. It is the voice of leaders that speak that their nations are still standing, that give all hope across the world. That life still exist.

The beating drum of life that tells us that the call around the world is still on going. There was once echoes of drums across our own land that told the native American's that other tribes were near by, and if no drum beat then they would go in search to find out what happened to the tribe of no beats.

Even astronauts listen for the sound of the beating hearts of our land and of the hope of aliens in distance galaxies. Many hoping one day they will hear the beating heart of another group of intelligent life in our solar system.

The question are you still drumming your drum for Jesus, are you letting others know you still sing God's praises, are you still drumming to tell others that Jesus lives and the hope of faith still exist.

God Bless America
by Christina Farris 7/04/2020

May God bless America is one of the most noted words in our country during certain holidays and festivals but does anyone ever ask what are we asking God to do? If our nation wants to see God bless the cursing of God has to end on our city streets. If we want God's blessing we must decide to obey God and to listen to him. No one argues the point some people lives are so busy they can not even think straight. All they do is work morning to dark or dark to light, doesn't matter, including around the clock. Some have no time to think about God, but if we want to see true blessing we need to take time to talk to God, to worship him. There are things God provides for all nation's even in time of destruction, war, and even hardship, either by someone else or by their own hand like food and clothing. It is because people care about other people's lives. It is because famines cause death and destruction, but people around the world care and share. Nothing stops hardship, but God alone.

The simple fact is our nation only coming together to pray in time of crisis what about time when all is well. It more like lets get back to work now and continue as we were with no change but perhaps a home, work or hunting for solution to the current crisis in one's own life. The simple fact our nation puts God under a rug until they think they need him, and that not when we need him, we need him before the crisis, we need him before the illness and we need him before we even rise in the morning.

God wants to pour out his blessings but we must first come to our knees, not always, there some blessings come from His power of allowing other powers to rise in our land. Those powers once in charge know how to be good to those that they need until they no longer need of them and their deception to control rises to a new level. They know how to play a crowd. It is not if these powers will fail, but how long will they rise up and answer is until Christ returns. Christ will continue to knock these powers down. Has long as our nation says God's bless America, God will bless his people and the nation by his people. As long as God's bless America is heard we will know the blessings of God often come with a lesson or two. God's word will not fail, nor will his blessings cease in our land, until judgment comes.

God bless America, may her liberty reign, but may it also cause others to understand the value of that liberty and claim it for themselves. May God grace be seen in our land as it continues to heal. Healing is a process, for many lives have been impacted by global crisis. We are all listening and watching knowing the reason for this crisis was man made, what will it be like when God creates his pandemic in our world, one of the final plagues. If God allows destruction of man, we must ask how greater is the destruction of God. We need God's blessings not God's wrath, so take time to honor God daily.

Praying For Our Nation Year Round!
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

The world and our nation needs continual prayer. I only had one picture in the card section in the National Prayer section that really should be a global prayer section.

Dear Heavenly Father
1. help our nation, our counties and our towns including our leaders and individuals in our nation and places around the world enabling not just our missionaries, but our global leaders.

2. Lord help our nations fight globally for victory over diseases and things that divide our country that are negative to society. It not just about praying for people to be saved, yet it is one the first things we ask you for, that you will heal the world spiritual, by enable all to believe in your name.

3. Lord help people to work together to resolve global, economic and health issues. To work as a global team for the betterment of society.

4. Lord during this crisis let it be not just our land, and area, but a tool to teach each other around the globe. Lord strengthen medical teams both rescue, emergency room, hospitals, doctors and nursing in every care unit around the globe and the hospital ships on our shores, that are station to help with pandemics as well as tents and other places set up to help in crisis situation.

5. Lord we pray for the war of illegal drugs will be put to a rest within our own borders to expand the globe against the slavery of drugs used to only to make a person delusional and high.

6. Lord if you not going to heal miraclously, help those that have knowledge to make better drugs to be made to treat and heal.

7. Lord if you are not going to give us the miracle of immediate deliverance, then help science and technology to gain the knowledge to cure disease that only you have been able to heal to mend our land permanently, to give them wisdom and knowledge to bring hope.

Lord never allow us to forget your power of healing and protection in time of crisis of individuals, as well globally. Let us not forget you are always victorious. Let us not forget you are the creator of all creation. In Jesus precious name, Amen.