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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Continuing Forward
by Christina Farris 6/16/2020

Continue Forward don't be complacent or a slacker. There are days when energy might not be the best as we age, but it does not mean we can not move forward with life. Why should life halt, with the horror of panedemic, or dangers of life events. In life we must learn to move forward. Taking at times those baby steps of faith and other times giant leaps of faith.

If you watch the world around us you will notice nature has taken no notice of a pandemic other then to note that death has occurred. Deer still walk my small town, and even squirrels and chipmunks too. The stray cat or dog takes little notice of anything being different.

Point is life moves forward, or it can not exist, life must continue forward despite what been left behind. We can not stop or halt because of horrible event. God never attended for us to stay only in his shadow of his protection as a duckling shadow under the wings of their mother. He tends for them to swim on their own, and glide across the water. The mother duck watches her ducklings to make sure they are protected. God almighty watches over his children, as they swim and waddle, always providing shelter of his wings when tired or weak. Those wings of the mother goose is for her children to rest. And it is with God that his protection is for our rest. Yet we have to learn to follow forward not always being carried in the storm of life. We have to learn to rise up and be strong for others that are scared and to weak to go on. Be that encourager and strengthener and builder of faith.

by Christina Farris 6/16/2020

Pull up your boot straps my mother use to say and keep going. As our life changes in our world even more with medical restriction, we may feel like the world is caving in to conformity of governmental rules and regulations. Then to top it all off our nation now fights against police brutality in our nation. Yet some of it justifiable and other things not. I am only reminded that law enforcement officers are human, and the people they deal with are often ignorant of the laws they are in violation in the first place. First thing we got to do is educate about the law, and the fact there is consequences for disobeying the law. Then we have to examine was a person in violation of any law before brutatility if not, then the cop is in violation of human rights issues. It is the cross examination that gets the cops in trouble. It gets the cops asking could we have done some other technique to control the situation. The answer is never clear. As long as the criminal claims he is without fault, and yet he clearly broke the rules prior to the crime, then the justice system fails to education the ignorant of the laws. If laws were taught within the school, then what would be gained as an adult hopefully some basic knowledge of law and why one can expect consequence if they are violating the law, or if the officer is in violation of the law that there consequences for his actions as well or is suppose to be.

If you witness a cop breaking the law can you fight the system? The question maybe and maybe not? If the cop can hang his crime on the fact the person was breaking the law first, then was the crime the police commited equally a crime. What if the cop commits a crime because of the crime of the person breaking the law first to teach other tresspasser of the law? The reasoning being the cop can legal get out of being convicted of a crime. Is the cop justified or is he just as much a criminal as the law breaker. This is something that needs to be evaluated by our court system. After all cops are smarter then the law they serve and know the ends and outs of the system, to where crime can be committed. Let me explain if a cop as access to the where abouts continually of a person, or is doing detective work to the point he knows who is violation, that he commit a crime and nothing be said then he is acting above the law. Our technology needs to be examined on how it helping cops and is it helping them break the law even more.

Point as citizens we need to figure how that law applies to the cop and if the first crime by citizen was justifiable or not, meaning was their just cause to the event. Then we need to ask ourselves are we policing correctly enough to police the police and the criminal that is both in violation? Then pull up your boot straps and move forward if you can not fight the system to keep liberty in place of all people. Fight for change of law to protect the citizen of our nation and realize the technology can be our enemy, and must be policed as well.

Praying For Our Nation Year Round!
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

The world and our nation needs continual prayer. I only had one picture in the card section in the National Prayer section that really should be a global prayer section.

Dear Heavenly Father
1. help our nation, our counties and our towns including our leaders and individuals in our nation and places around the world enabling not just our missionaries, but our global leaders.

2. Lord help our nations fight globally for victory over diseases and things that divide our country that are negative to society. It not just about praying for people to be saved, yet it is one the first things we ask you for, that you will heal the world spiritual, by enable all to believe in your name.

3. Lord help people to work together to resolve global, economic and health issues. To work as a global team for the betterment of society.

4. Lord during this crisis let it be not just our land, and area, but a tool to teach each other around the globe. Lord strengthen medical teams both rescue, emergency room, hospitals, doctors and nursing in every care unit around the globe and the hospital ships on our shores, that are station to help with pandemics as well as tents and other places set up to help in crisis situation.

5. Lord we pray for the war of illegal drugs will be put to a rest within our own borders to expand the globe against the slavery of drugs used to only to make a person delusional and high.

6. Lord if you not going to heal miraclously, help those that have knowledge to make better drugs to be made to treat and heal.

7. Lord if you are not going to give us the miracle of immediate deliverance, then help science and technology to gain the knowledge to cure disease that only you have been able to heal to mend our land permanently, to give them wisdom and knowledge to bring hope.

Lord never allow us to forget your power of healing and protection in time of crisis of individuals, as well globally. Let us not forget you are always victorious. Let us not forget you are the creator of all creation. In Jesus precious name, Amen.