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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Month Of April 2020: Christ Resurrection
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

As Easter approaches the talk of Christ cross is the message of terrific shame upon the world and the hope of forgiveness despite our shame. Our shame because our sins caused his crucifixion. Our shame because man desire to ignore God. Our shame becaue we crucify our Lord when we do not obey His Spirit. However the message of cross is clear that all that look to Jesus and believe in him will be saved. To those that look to God will be saved. For up from the grave Christ arose to victory over sin and death and is able to raise us up to have that same victory over our sin that leads to death, and over sin that plagues our life even today.

Renew those Library Cards
by Christina Farris 4/03/2020

Reading is a good way to fill that time during this pandemic. Thirty minutes increments with exercise in between. Exercise is necessary during this time indoor or outdoors. Exercise is essential for good health, like reading is essential for the brain. Books gotten from online is the safest way right now, but those without computers can now begin the chore of reading old favorites they may have laying around. Feed the brain, but do not forget to feed the soul.

Bible is a book of many books that contains the food for spiritual faith. It is a book of hope and eternity with the knowledge of God within it. It has the oldest recorded litature known to man recorded in this one book. It older then 1600 A.D. it dates back to Genesis 5 when things began to be recorded on rocks, scrolls and walls. A book so important it should not be forgotten. Though the Bible did not have all the books we have today in one place, it was developing over time. These books had one theme, belief, repentance and hope despite what went on around the believer. It matter not the human law, or the state of the nation it was written about, it still was individual choice to follow God(Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Consider a few minutes a day of reading Bible with your family. It is a good place to begin the family worship and unity. It will bring peace as young minds get to know the Lord, but it can be a struggle for a time. Remember they are growing up, without the knowledge you have, until you begin teaching them what you already understand. The Holy Spirit has the power to convict the human soul even in the children of our world.

Read the Bible and read books you enjoy to stretch the mind. Discuss with others the evil and good in all books. For even books that never meant to tell stories of only good may have at least one evil work within. The perfect book in my opinion would be a book about a perfect world, but that is not reality. Bible is the perfect book because it tells about the hope, reassurance and peace that only God can bring. Start an adventure of books. Reading is good source of knowledge and wisdom from others and in the case of the Bible from God.

Chains Are Gone
by Christina Farris 4/03/2020

The hardest journey is the endurance during this pandemic, many of us still getting use to idea of our situation. Yet many of us find it exciting to have this valuable family time with each other, or this quiet time of great reflection in solitude. It is time no one has really had in a long time to really get to know our families and perhaps a friend or too. We all been bound by our jobs and work way to long, never getting a break. Others are still working but from home and in places of necessity. It almost feels like the government locked all our doors and placed chains on our wrest.

Yet I do not think our chains will last forever, they will soon be releasing us to the world once more. Yet this cleansing of our nation is much needed. Yet we can only begin to grasp the reality of this cleansing. If it was snowy and cold we understand the cleansing of germs, but the last twenty years our winters have not been harsh becaue of global warming and elmino effect. Yet even so pandemic teaches us what exactly that the world needs a time of purification, a time of cleansing. and a time of reuniting.

When Christians get saved God breaks the chains of sin through Christ Jesus(His word to mankind). The cleansing of our relationship with God begins because the sin of bondage is broken. We are washed spiritually as white as snow. Yet we still get road dirt upon our flesh. We need to purge that sin from us. Let this be a time of purging of sin, and reuniting with families and loved ones. Let us not think of Easter only this year as being a type of resurrection of coming out of our tombs, but one day coming back into the world free from isolation. Is our pandemic causing our own tomb, to only for us to be released once more. Let lay aside every weight of sin and move forwared in faith as we learn to deal with our new situation and hopefully regain our freedom once more.

Our hope is not the open door of our houses, it the freedom from this virus.Truth pandemics will come and go until the return of Christ. Let us not fear what outside the door, but what we do that harms others and our selves. May this be a test of faith, a revival of faith, and not a time of complacency in our life. Let us run the course that is set before us and not allow our faith to waiver. Let us stand as rocks in a storm, for our Savior lives.

If you look at the picture in devotion it does change the tomb door opens and Christ comes from the tomb though we never see him walk through the door in scripture. We only know by faith that he did. We know because others seen him after he arose and told the story again. He did not remain in his tomb, nor will we if we believer, nor will we remain within the prison of our homes. Sorry the sunny beach of home living will not remain, there is still alot of work to be done in this world. Let us hold to the hope of faith and keep our eyes on Jesus for our healing in our world in which we live.

Hebrews 12:1 KJV — 1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

My Own Journey
by Christina Farris 4/03/2020

The past 3 years I have worked at trying to rebuild my physical strength, after cancer and a heart attack that occurred in 2012. Now everytime I try to regain strength it seemed I kept having set backs. I know I will not be working full time in what ever I do, but hopefully it will be part time work and eventually full time work. I am trying hard to wait to start applying for work til after this pandemic is over. However I got faith that even if we remain in the house a year, I hope to emerge and search for work. As time goes on, I may not have the time to spend on my website as I once did, but there is a legacy of thought and faith here. May God bless you know matter what you find yourself doing. The hope of the merging back into society once more is a blessed one and one we all hope for. Hope you continue to enjoy this site, i know I do. God blesses me whether it blesses someone else or not. However the site was created to bless others and to give others hope.

Blessing to all for the journey ahead,
Management/administration: Christina Farris

Praying For Our Nation Year Round!
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

The world and our nation needs continual prayer. I only had one picture in the card section in the National Prayer section that really should be a global prayer section.

Dear Heavenly Father
1. help our nation, our counties and our towns including our leaders and individuals in our nation and places around the world enabling not just our missionaries, but our global leaders.

2. Lord help our nations fight globally for victory over diseases and things that divide our country that are negative to society. It not just about praying for people to be saved, yet it is one the first things we ask you for, that you will heal the world spiritual, by enable all to believe in your name.

3. Lord help people to work together to resolve global, economic and health issues. To work as a global team for the betterment of society.

4. Lord during this crisis let it be not just our land, and area, but a tool to teach each other around the globe. Lord strengthen medical teams both rescue, emergency room, hospitals, doctors and nursing in every care unit around the globe and the hospital ships on our shores, that are station to help with pandemics as well as tents and other places set up to help in crisis situation.

5. Lord we pray for the war of illegal drugs will be put to a rest within our own borders to expand the globe against the slavery of drugs used to only to make a person delusional and high.

6. Lord if you not going to heal miraclously, help those that have knowledge to make better drugs to be made to treat and heal.

7. Lord if you are not going to give us the miracle of immediate deliverance, then help science and technology to gain the knowledge to cure disease that only you have been able to heal to mend our land permanently, to give them wisdom and knowledge to bring hope.

Lord never allow us to forget your power of healing and protection in time of crisis of individuals, as well globally. Let us not forget you are always victorious. Let us not forget you are the creator of all creation. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Things To Do In Hibernation
by Christina Farris 4/01/2020

1. Spring/Fall clean
2.Clean yard and plant a garden
3. Start a family project and individual project.
4. Say a Prayer first of all and read a scripture or two together and individually.
5. Make a prayer list if you do not have one.
6. Exercise
7. Plan meals that will last a little longer then usual.
8. Play a game with the family, do not have a board game there is always charades or word game. (look online)
9. Find a good movie or set a television schedule of programs that are both entertaining and learning.
10. Take time out from others and focus on future plans you hope to accomplish.