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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Month Of March 2020: Our Cross Needs Burden Barrier His Name Is Jesus
by Christina Farris 3/01/2020

Our Own cross is what we pick up daily whether it be spiritual, family, work, politics and so forth. It is the cross we bear, whether it be for the good fo the people and ourselves. It is the cross that Christ took on spiritually to take on the world to teach forgiveness and love. These things change all other crosses. All other journeys. Is Christ's cross the one leading in your life?

Without Christ leading in your life, there will be no resurrection for eternity with God, there be only a resurrection for the eternal lake of fire. Can I spell it any plainer then that. Our works can not save us, our faith in Christ is only our part of salvation, Christ had to do the full work on cross by paying our sin debt we could not pay. God took down the wall that separated us from God. Jesus took away our first burden of separation from God upon belief, and then as we carry our load in life journey and lay it Christ feet, he takes and changes it for his glory and honor.

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Human Cross Of Life
by Christina Farris 3/12/2020

I sit and I think for the last week or more on the subject of crosses, and it had not occurred so readily about the cross of woman mention in scripture, nor their journey. I tend to look at the men's cross of life more intently due to the fact men are written more about, but there many woman in scripture that carried the story of life. Bearing a cross is not always a sentence of death, but it can lead to death. A cross is bearing publicly the open shame people inflict, cause, or do so injusticely and sometimes justly a cross of pure gold. Women in scripture were put away into seclusion and death, for crimes they had no control like rape, incest, even adultery, political cross like Debra, Esther, Vashti, Sarah, religious cross, like Mary the mother of Jesus, Elizabeth mother of John, Business cross like Dorcas, and lydia.

Men injust usually either dealt with politics in general, caring the burden of society, from soldier to king(David), father to business man(Joseph New Testament, Abraham), Judas Iscariot of 20 piece of silver to his shame, Samson (drunkard, partier and hero) and yet the list can go on and on. Peter cross of leading after Christ, can you imagine the comparing among some. Jesus cross of Calvary beared for our sin, our shame, our guilt and our journey in life. He had no shame of his own, he had no guilt of his own and he had no sin for his own journey so he beared ours instead.

Word of God tells the journey of God's followers, haters of the word, and overcomers to journey with God and not against God. To walk steadily with the almighty despite our failings, our fallings, and our struggles to walk the road with our own grace, hope, peace, longsuffering and so forth. Where is faith? Faith is hope. Just because there is no front page does not mean devotions are not running in daily. The cross the journey the hope. The reason I began this site is my cross, but also the cross of my Lord. You ever hear false teaching you will bear the cross for Christ. I am not perfect, my typing not perfect, but I know the one that holds my hand and I not talking my husband. I know the one that is there when even my husband is not. Jesus has been their before I meet my husband. He is my burden bearer, he the one that took my sins away. He can take your sins away too. You only have to ask him to take your sin, your shame, and guilt away. He will. Take a look at the how to be saved page if you questions about asking Jesus to save you from your sins.

The royal road of life symbolizes the path of the cross, it may be golden but it is made of pure golden bricks. Bricks of faith and hope to help us travel a little further. We see the souls of those who gone before us in grace and beauty of faith, yet their strugglers, there failings only reminds of the perfect road Christ walked. The one to follow is the royal rose of Sharon.