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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Daily Devotions for February 2020: Christ The Romancer
by Christina Farris 2/1/2020

After the time of salvation and renewal of faith, the realization your chains are gone you been set free by our Heavenly Father love for you and me. This month is a month love, and the greatest love is what God showed to you and me, by giving his only begotten Son's life for you and me. May this month of love be a month of refreshing for your soul and your relationship to our Heavenly Father who is full of grace for you and me despite our sin of nailing Christ to the cross of Calvary.Daily Devotions can be found by clicking the daily link at the top of the page or click here
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The Romancing Of The Stone
by Christina Farris 2/01/2020

Scripture/Word of God is the foundation of our faith. Jesus is the rock of our salvation. Within the page of scripture we find a book of many stories of life and hope. Despite the person's life style we find truth of God's love for mankind. We find God's word full of mystery, war, revenge, romance, faith, love and hope. It is the greatest book and oldest book ever translated. It is a book to sit by the open fire light outside, or the fire light of a fire place on a cold winters night and read. It is a book to have one's morning coffee by, to just start the day, or to have a refreshing drink of God's mercy and grace during the day. People are people in the this book, their reactions genuine even to the evil plotted against humanity and God. It is a book to study, to reread and to revaluate the things of God and things of man. Things of evil. To know the difference of what is God and what is not of God. It is a book of knowledge.

As you consider the Bible being a book to read, consider taking only a little at time, a story at a time, one chapter at a time or just a few verses at a time. Put in context of the chapter and story you reading about, searching with Bible helps of time period, and whether it was before Christ, after Christ or during Christ. Then go one more step further and focus on the verses retained to attributes of God, things God did, promise, and the hope given in scripture. Follow God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) applying God's word to our day and time.

May you blessed reading God's word this month and all year long. God's word is a blessing to the soul. It the greatest love letter you can ever read. That is why Christ is our romancer.

Superbowl Sunday
by Christina Farris 2/1/2020

Super Bowl Sunday is February 2020. Where will you be? In church on a pew missing the game, consider a fellowship Sunday with all your church friends. During half time plan to have a devotional and time at the altar, and continue watching the big game afterwards. Nothing wrong with having a good time enjoy an american passtime. Good time to teach young people how to have fun in adult world in a Christian environment. Those that do not like football can play games or just socialize with others not watching the big game. Everyone bring a snack for this time of fellowship.

Raceway of life is toward Jesus with the Cross before us. Are you ready to race toward Jesus today?

Go Racing 2020