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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Daily Devotion: Happy New Year January 2020
by Christina Farris 1/01/2020

One of the greatest things God does when we believe is purge our sins from us. He purges our sin with hyssop and makes us white as snow. what is hyssop but it is medical plant used by religious leaders. Hyssop was offer to Jesus on the cross. It was to numb the pain Christ was experience, but he refused it. Click here to read more...

First Day Of The New Year
by Christina Farris

The warmth of the New Year swinging in with the sounds of jubilee. Yet it is only for a few moments as the crowd fades into the night singing Old Lang Syne as the clock strikes midnight. The sounds of jubilee short lived by hussle and bussle of getting children home and off to bed. For the party crowd, the night continue to rage into the wee hours of the morning.

For the church New Year's parties the reminder of a new year and that the hopes of a better future rings in the air. The need to cleanse the soul one last time to start the New Year right with the Lord. Only a reminder that New Year is a time of renewel to the human soul. What mankind failed at last year, hopefully will be forgotten only to bring in new resolutions of how can we improve ourselves and our world around us. No longer just ourselves but the lives of others.

As I stood in line to pay for my things, a new trend occurred in front of me. Four people paid for the person behind them. No strings attached I was told, but attachment came as each one bought for the one behind them. No one considering the deed of giving was so generously past, but the purpose lost when payment was given to another, and then another. The one not paying for another land up being the one truly blessed, but the others paying more then their original intent might not of been so blessed. I hope you all get this. If you go into a bar and someone buys you a drink you are in no obligation to do the same. It like a penny jar in a gas station, meant to lend a penny when one is short a penny. Give a penny when you have extra penny or two. The cycle of giving is lost only to the one not passing the giving on in some form or fashion. Whether it be money, gift, a kind word, or a helping hand. The monkey fashion of I see you do it so I will too, can lead to disaster for another. Yet when the giver gives wisely and out of love the giving will come back in some form or fashion. Do not be ashamed if you give differently then another. The thoughts behind your giving is more important then the gift. The attitude of love is more then obligation is needed to help some out. If you save five dollars and want to give four because of the generousity of another then you have not aped the person in front of you, but past the kind offer on to another.

As the New Year brings forth and chariety of last year begins to fade into the night, let us not cease our giving, for we can not out give God or his love. Let the world shine with giving and helping hand, because Christ loved us first.

Weather Outside
by christina Farris

As snowy season begans, the thought of making snow angels, snow men, and snow cream all come to mind of winters long ago. The warmth of a coal and wood fire burning on those cold fridged nights of weather below zero with the windchill making the tempature about minus 40 degrees outside. No that doesn't seem cold until you step out the door. Your breath freezing before it can leave your mouth when it is that cold. Yet on those warm snowy days of around 30 degrees, the snow gloves come on with the boots to go out in the snow to play. The return with hot chocolate, hot cider, tea or coffee, only a reminder of how cold it really is outside as the warm drink unthaws parts of the body no one realizes had about frozen off outside.

The curling up with a book or a movie. The playing of board games around the table, until time to set the table for dinner. All a passing fancy with computers and gadgets to separate us from that one time of year we are all force to get along because of the weather. This time of year is a good time to get to know your kids, there interest and their hobbies. It good time to get to know that person next door who shut in because of the weather. A good time to sing together as a family, a good time to snuggle up around the fire telling or reading a story. Let us not forget the fun stuff of yesteryears. It is that time with love one and friends that make home a better place to live.