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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Dailies for November
by Christina Farris

Dailies for Month of November are being created. This month we be looking at the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in each lesson as we give thanks to God for our daily blessings. We be doing our annual countdown to thanksgiving ending with 30 days of praises. Thanksgiving is on the 28th of November this year.

Daylight Savings Time
by Christina Farris

November 2, 2019 it is time to set back our clocks one hour in America, and other places around the world. For those that do not know we will soon have daylight at seven in morning once again with this changing of our clocks. Yet the daylight hours are shorter in our region of the world, it not to be forgotten that others in the world are enjoying more of the light of day on the other side of the world. To think God made it that way, and no one understood it for thousands of years beyong the changing of the seasons. Now with everyone connected by technology we learn all sorts of things about each other. The main thing we all desire peace, love, hope and happiness. Now if we all would desire to know Jesus the world would be at peace.

Veterans Day 2019
by Christina Farris

Let us not forget the men and women that server our country. They are no way a god, but they are people that sacrifice there time and even life for you and I. They willing to do the work some of us will never do. They are men and women that need prayer. This last victory of one more enemy defeat is only a reminder of how unsafe our world truly is, because the fall of one leader only means the rise of another. Our Last several Presidents might of had victory, but what about those to follow, because with every death comes more extremist. Christians have been marytred for faith for years, it never slow the spread of faith, and it does not stop other religious groups either. When I think how long war has been it been since the beginning of time when the devil was kicked from heaven.

When I think of our veterans, I wonder how many have seen the eyes of the enemy only to recognize the taking of life of one more possible loss soul going to his or her eternity. Victory is what we all long for, but does war always have to be with the cost of human loss including our own. November 11, 2019 is Veterans Day let us rejoice in the victories of our men and women, saying thank you to God for these men and women in uniform, that are serving our country.

If you are in another country reading this, consider this are you thankful for those that protect your rights as well. It is a good time to thank God for those that serve in Nato and the peace treaties of our world.

Election Week In Many States
by christina Farris

Just a reminder to all that are register to vote to go to the polls in November 5, 2019. Pray for those you will be electing for governmental office. Pray that God will place good Holy Spirit filled men and women in local town, county and state offices that will obey God, because they want too. Those in other state not my own that might also be electing federal offices, please place godly Holy Spirit filled men and women in position. Anyone not for our rights is against us. Anyone that wants to control and not be willing to negotiate constructively is not the people you want in office. It takes a nation to run a nation, it only takes a few leaders to make a few bad choices. And it takes a few good leaders to make sound decisions about our world, we live in.