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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Dailies for October
by Christina Farris

Dailies for Month of October are being created. Hope you enjoy what God lays on my heart to share. Just go to the top of page and click Dailies icon. Just a simple Bible devotion sometimes with much thought and sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes with a monthly theme and sometimes not. This month there is no particular theme, but we will be talking about God's protection and continual hope, is just a taste of what is coming this month. Hope you enjoy reading them. Just click at Dailies at the top of the page and choose a date, if the date hasn't come it is not there usually. However want to read past months go to update and rerun section,.

Fall Is Officially Here
by Christina Farris

Fall is one month many people including myself enjoy. From the changing colors of autumn leaves, to the finalizing of summer days being finally over. Summer seems this year to want to linger on a few more weeks. In truth that is okay by me. Yet in all truth the strange seasons of not telling summer from fall and sometimes winter is only a sign of the time of how global warming is affecting our environment. How the long winters with cold winds and below zero temps lasting not as long as they use too, only another sign how global warming is effecting areas around the globe.

We can not worry about global warming beyond the point of how we can take care of the earth God gave man to tend and care for. God gave us the earth to harvest, to plant, to nuture and to use as a source of food. God gave the earth and animals to tend to and shepherd over to mankind. Yet when we fail to do our part in caring for the world around us, we are failing at the first command of God, he gave to male and female to care and subdue the earth.

Bible declares that there will alway be day and night as long as there is seedtime and harvest and summer and winter. Not sure what happend to fall and spring, but perhaps the changing of the temptature was understood in the days of Noah. Maybe Noah had witnessed the changing seasons from a small boy til the time of the flood til after the flood. Maybe the changes overtime concerned him, and yet he knew as long as night and day existed, things could grow. Sometimes the smallest verse are interesting to our culture today. Yet they are promises of God to hold on to til the coming of Christ. After all the verse in the picture above in Genesis 8:22 is God speaking to Noah the promises of seedtime and harvest.

Fire Prevention Week
by christina Farris

Fire Prevention Month is a time to remember how dangerous this time of year can be with dry leaves, and dry wood. A lack of rain does not help in the need to prevent fires from starting. Make sure of your plugs and outlets are safe. I was in a store the other day whose scooters had very poor electrical outlets. Outlets and extension cords are nothing to play around with especially if equipment can not be hooked up properly. Bad outlets need to be fixed. Do not leave curling irons in places it can set the house on fire especially if you are forever forgetting to unplug it on your way to work or school. Do not leave the toaster plugged up, and keep all appliances in kitchen basically unplugged if not in use. Television and other electronics make sure they have new power strips yearly at the minimum. Check all fire detectors and carbon monoxide, making sure they are working properly. This is a good checklist if you do not have one. Oh and do not forget the iron that you press your clothes with or the portable heater.

This list is small, and I sure you probably can come up with a few more things to add. Like do not leave candles burning if not using the room they are in.