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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Dailies for September
by Christina Farris 9/2/2019

Dailies for Month of September are being created. Hope you enjoy what God lays on my heart to share. Just go to the top of page and click Dailies icon. Just a simple Bible devotion sometimes with much thought and sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes with a monthly theme and sometimes not. This month is about is about peace from God and the Holy Spirit. How Christ comes to divide, and yet he is a symbol of peace from God. This is just a taste of what is coming this month that began really last few days of August. Hope you enjoy reading them. Just click at Dailies at the top of the page and choose a date, if the date hasn't come it is not there usually. However want to read past months go to update and rerun section,.

Put God back In School
by Christina Farris 9/02/2019

One of the great mysteries to me is how do parents think by separating children of faith from the public is going to help society to know about faith. If you want God in school, then you going to have to allow children of faith in Christ in school. Many children of many faith's go to school. Christians do go to public school not just private schools. One thing society can not have is separation for it takes the word of God and the testimony of God right out of the public eye. Yet it also teaches the children how to work with people that maybe different from themselves. You only have eighteen years to protect your children in some states and less then that in others. Yet we need christians in school. We need them there so society knows just because they may believe differently, they are part of society and despite our difference we got alot in common. Christians are people who do their best to follow Jesus and give God credit for our talents, and our victories. That we learn things just like the world does, we excel and fail just like they do, but victories are of the Lord. Our place is living in our world with tolerance and love for all.

To put God back in school, one needs to send messengers of faith to be students of educational world that is not always in agreement with our faith. Can you be friend to someone not of your faith, can you be friends with the world while you walk on this earth, then put God back into society, by putting yourself in places. Jesus came as a baby and walked our earth in a place different then his original home which is heaven. He walked and breathed with both believers and non believers upon this earth. The religious people were not the only ones, but also the world crucified Christ. Pilate could of stopped an injust death, but chose to wash his hands of it. The world might like to shut the Christian up, but in truth we are born here just like them, not from above like Jesus. We born into a world of sin. Into a world not always God fearing. Better to learn to walk beside the world not as the world. It like walking on a treadmill like everyone else, except you see that one person doing their own creative walk, maybe dancing a jig to their own music. Dare to be different but being in a crowd like Jesus. Jesus dared to be different, yet he grew larger crowds of people. Think on it, how can we be different and a witness to society besides hibernation of faith.

Labor Day And More To Come
by christina Farris

Still working on getting into gear of writting, two years off does strange things to a person. Anyway hope to bring back the music list as well as some more articles. Hope you enjoy. Just know in imperfect world things would go much smoother. I do not have all the techno gadgets I need to go with my new system, so I can do art work and so forth, but that okay. God knows what He doing and I decided just leave it in His Hands.

Labor Day

Labor Day is today and only a reminder of another federal holiday. Considering going to the card section by clicking the button above that says Cards and Inspirationals. You find Laborday cards there as well as others. Enjoy the day if you do not have to work.

Grandparents/ Old People Month

It is also Grandparents/old people month. Do not think you getting old, but still feel young, will your not alone. Some days I feel twenty and others day I feel hundred and two. Point is our body is made for decay and not longevity. It made for destruction and not life. When we get over the hill we begin to realize we not as young as we use to be, and what we think we can do we just might not be able to do the same way we use to, with zeal, and strength of youth. With that said grow old gracefully, with knowing the aging body is part of life. Knowing that Grandparents see life in their grandkids, that will carry on to the next generations of their family,. That the body waxing old is just part of life. Imagine for a moment Abraham and Sarah seeing the first son in old age, and yet knowing that their be more to come as far as generation were concern. God's plan for eternity is to give the believer a new body after this body is no longer functioning. We get a new house for our soul. We get a new place to live, with habitation built for us for eternity. Thank God the aging process will no longer be, yet we will age in years through eternity How old is God, no one knows, but God knows.

911 Remembered,
Not Forgot History

by Christina Farris 9/10/2019

911 as left impacted on America of not only our own vunerability, but our activism towards taking that stand against the bullies of this centuries. What is 911 really about after 18 years of remembering? It has changed America for the good and bad. It has made people more caustious and aware of their surrounding. Yet the negative is that the next generation coming up after the fact has little understanding beyond the knowledge this did happened on our shores. They see the stories of mass shootings in school never thinking beyond their own fears were part of the business and government for a day that will last in infamy. This day should only be a reminder of what we want not on our shores, but also what war of any kind does to the human psyche. The bravery and valor that day should long be remember long before the terror of the day that we were now officially at war, a war that has been on going in quiet hush of CIA and FBI for decades, now before the world, not hidden in secret organizations.

What can we take home to our hearts is any kind of religious or political statement of this kind is unnecessary in a free society that can stand up and change laws. Our nation is no longer a Christian nation but a nation of many cultures and religions. I am saying this is good inregards to my own freedom and yours, even if we disagree with other religions, because it is about living in peace and agreement to disagreement til a compromise of change can take place. Our freedom of first amendment has five basic rights protected that are constantly underattack in our world, religious freedom, right to assemble, and to practice faith, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to petition our government. The second amendment the regulate milita of state and freedom to bear arms. Freedom from being under house arrest by soldiers without permission of the owner of the property unless during war times. Though these laws are paraphrased, there more laws that are in place to protect our freedom. Without these laws being close to the heart for each generation we miss something of the cost of our freedom. The cost of not having it always our way and yet protected. We fail at teaching a generation about freedom if we fail to remember dates that attack our freedom. If we fail to remember dates around the world like the holocaust and other groups being killed because of faith or race we fail to educate what can happen if we do not guard our rights. These things can be taught and guarded against if we make others aware of how these things often come to be. Our failure is not teaching how these tactics in our world are abusive and not of the free world. We fail if these things are not given a negative light and only allow them to be glorified in a way that seems to be boastful and honorable. We must make sure the next generation knows that what those that attacked America was truly a day of evil, what Hilter did in Germany was evil, what Islam does by killing Christians is evil, and if Christians kill to be killing for religion or race, is just as evil.

If I serve the God of the Bible then I have to ask is not my God the same God that went to battle with Israel without weapons at times. If my God can go to battle without weapons, we need to listen to Him. If my God can say I love you after his Son was killed, despite his ability to raise Him up, should declare to you a God of this magnitude can not be defeated, let us not stand with weapons but with His Word. Let the nations of swords see the God of love without weapons of war. Let our nation serve with negotiation when possible, and only use weapons of war when those bullets come flying just like on 911 on our shores.