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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Dailies Updated
by Christina Farris 8/10/2019

Dailies for Month of August are being created. Hope you enjoy what God lays on my heart to share. Just go to the top of page and click Dailies icon. Just a simple Bible devotion sometimes with much thought and sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes with a monthly theme and sometimes not. This month is about Jesus being the Word of God and is God. Jesus being more then a prophet and how He is. How He is the only begotten of God the Father. How important God's word is to our daily life. How the word must be grafted into our hearts to grow and produce followers of Jesus. HOpe you enjoy reading them. Just click at Dailies at the top of the page and choose a date, if the date hasn't come it is not there usually. However want to read past months go to update section,.

1, 2, 3, Back To School
by Christina Farris 8/10/2019

Children are returning to school to learn their one, two, threes. Yet what also must they learn besides their numbers is reading, and writing all to the tune of gunfire. What is wrong with society and the world when little children and teenagers are terrorized in school. One these kids are not even old enough to vote or make a decision about the gunmen's life. Second the number of teachers, principals and other staff can not make one decision that effects gunman in a global since. What I mean is the gunman is a wimp that is targeting defensely people. If you going to go against the real threats you do it in the way of the legal law. After all our laws are to protect even the gunmen of society. Let us arm ourselves with words and not amunition. Yes it can take years to fight with words, after all God's been fighting people with His word for centuries. Yet if you want to gain the crowd do it with peace and the law of liberty that protects all people's rights. The gunman is only teaching children terror and teaching them that our future is controlled by the gun world not the words of peace. Third the gunman is shown never to win. Why is outlaw always the loser, because he dies for what he thinks he is fighting for, which can not win against government rules and guns, when one takes the law into their own incorrect way of doing things. If you got to take the law into your own hands fight it with words in the court of law so all can hear, the meaning of your fight with words, and not with weapons of war. Your fight only last a day if you choose terror and it will not win, if you fight with words and educational facts, it can last a life time. Teach our children to fight with words of truth, showing evidence of your injustice, not with weapons of war.

The fight for peace through words of truth, only shows the true victory to those who fight with guns. Let the educational year of 2019 to 2020 be a year of peace for our children and not one of war. Let them hear the sound of peace in our schools, and our country. Let us fight the war of words in the legal court of law and Congress. Let us see how good laws make good government and not evil laws make bad government. Let good government show how it filters to the people to protect all. Children on your mark get set and ready to win this school year against the law of bullies and violence in our schools. May Peace reign in our schools so people can see that all people can live in harmony and peace.

Protect Our Faith
by christina Farris

What is the first way we learn to protect ourselves as children. We learn not to talk to strangers, and we learn how to cross the road. If you live near the woods or farm country, you learn to listen to your surroundings, so nothing sneaks up on you. You do not want a menancing rooster pecking at your heels, or a stampede of horses or cows running over top of you. In the woods you listen for wild animals, including the sounds of snakes. If your sight is good you learn to see what you hear. The second form of protection one learns is riding a bicycle or walking a path, you learn the rules of the road, on how to signal when in distress. As a teenager you learn the rules of driving a vehicle. and dating. All this seems trival as adult, unless you are a parent who is teaching your children the rules.

We are living in a time where we needing to learn to listen to the things around us and not just the things on our Ipads and cellphones. All these things are fun to own, but the reality society is becoming distracted. Cellphone use in cars are already claiming lives. Road rules for cellphones are already in vogue in many states. Do we need cellphone rules for walking. Not really just an awareness class of the things around us What do you see when listening to these objects attached or unattached to your ear? The point is simple what are we teaching the children by not hearing their squeals of delight or worse their terror. What are we failing at when we no longer hear people around us. We not only need to smell the rose, or feel the grass between our toes, or see the birds singing, but we need to hear the things around us so we know what that sound is.

Do you know the sound of a trumpet, do you know the angel will sound the trumpet when Christ enters our world. It will not sound like a rocket ship, or like the engine of a whirling fan, or even the sound of a train whistle, or humming of the dish washer or refrigator. Factories and machinery make all kinds of sounds, do you know the difference in the sound around you. Truth of matter do you har the cry of the world that is lost around you for the hope they need which is Christ our Lord. Do you hear the call of God in your life, so you can be protector of faith, and not a protector of evil. Do you hear the sounds of the enemy creeping into the church world. Some enemies get saved and others create advocate. Do you hear the words in scripture so you know the difference of the false teacher and preachers. Do you know how to see and hear when a wolf is in the pulpit or in the pew in front of you. Children of God hear the Word of God so the enemy can not destroy you for a lack of knowledge. Here the word of God to know the difference. LIsten and obey the truth, and God will keep your feet from falling. Your protection is the Word of God.