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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Dailies Updated
by Christina Farris 7/1/2019

Dailies for Month of July are now being created. Hope you enjoy what God lays on my heart to share. Just go to the top of page and click Dailies icon. Just a simple Bible devotion sometimes with much thought and sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes with a monthly theme and sometimes not. This month is about liberty and freedom of worship. How God calls us to the freedom of faith by calling us to be peculiar people to the world. To be a peculiar people in obedience to God. That Christ is the one we follow and it not restricting us, it is about protecting us through obedience to the law of love. Remember you too can pass God's word along, through social media, or through giving your fingers a whirl of typing what God lays on your heart.

Do You Want A Mr. Potato Head
by Christina Farris 7/2/2019

The decision to wait to have babies by over achiever needing a career and financial liberty is already at the egg freezing clinics across America. The ability to wait to have children, and even being selective of genes as well as correct DNA was once scientific dream. Yet today it becoming an opposition. No one consider frozen Embroys as being abortion if they are destroyed before they are ever used, or if used for scientific reasoning. Where does it end. Where does the choices we make on freezing embroys for future child, change to is a person creating and killing a life because it no longer right for you. As science gone to far or is being selective a healthy choice. The ability to decide to have a baby with one guy only to change your mind and abort to only create another fetus is no longer a dream. It is a reality. The truth of not only abortion of babies unplanned, there is abortion of planned pregnancy for the future. Where will the insanity end. When will people decide human life starts at conception. When will human life be more valuable then free choice to create life. Next thing you know a woman will be able to have a mr potato head baby and take one part from one woman/man and exchange it for another part of another man/woman, just because it does not look right on the man or woman.

The anti abortion issue is alot more complicated today then it was in the eighties. As I watch a court ruling on tv, my mind began to ask why make a contract about life of one not born and decide later to kill because of a break up. Are we such a society, that pregnancy is no longer a suprise with only nine months of planning, and now we can plan for 25 years. Can you imagine what your nursey could look like if you waited 25 years to implant an embroy. One could have the baby and place it in his or her new mansion. Now you got all this stuff for this baby after 25 years only to learn your partner wants a divorce and to destory the embroy before you can implant him or her. Do you sell all the nursey items to try and save this one embroy, or do you say I just take those frozen eggs and get another sperm donor and created another Mr Potato Head.

The point is does government need to prevent Mr Potato Heads from being created, and limit time of freezing embroys. Should a stop be place on the killing or destruction of any embroy? What about life insurance policy for these embroys encase of natural disaster destroys the facility where they are housed. This would mean you already paying for this embroy on hold. Not only are paying but you planning the future of the baby as if you have a right to control his schooling, and career path, as if they are a barbie doll. How much control do you want over this new life if you are able to decide his future before he enters the world done to who he meets to marry. Is the parents going to keep him in a bubble and treat him like a robot and not a human being.

This rant is to explain the craziness of the situation of killing and destruction of the embroy that is frozen, or conceived planned or unplanned. is not all abortion wrong, unless medically necessary because of the woman's health. Are we trying to control what God has designed as human life. Is the world of science playing God. Where does it end. I understand what it like not to have children, but I wonder is these extremes so necessary with the world full of children that need love. Is our playing God only causing more misconception of the protection of human life.

by christina Farris

Liberty is such a special thing. It is about freedom of all kinds. Yet there is a borderline between liberty and injustice. What is injust to one is not always injust to someone else. Culture and things we do often define our liberties and injustice. Some would never stay home and stay indoors for hours at a time. It would be a prison sentence of its own. Others perfer to travel and see the world. Some never leaving small communities that they call home. Some like the mean city and the classie side of town. Yet none of these matter if you perfer the countryside. The small mountain village, or the great plains. The seashore or the desert in the heat of summer sun. Yet none these things matter if your liberty is taken from you. The liberty that allows you to enjoy your life style is defined by the laws of the land you live in.

The Liberty bell crack is a mystery to many, why a cracked formed on such a prestiges icon of centuries gone by, representing our liberty. It is that one crack that represents how quickly one can lose their liberty, or a nation can fall changing the way they are governed. Without the watchdog and criers across our land, our liberty would be quickly taken from us, without anyone noticing. The technology of computers and drones would quickly rule our lives. Virus and germs would rule our shopping and terrorist threat only destories the unexpecting and rob them of their concious right of freedom. It causes even grown men to cry and go to war. As fear gipped are country that there is now no time for shopping. Has fear gripped us that no one can walk into the local stores. No our freedom is still in tack. Everyone is living a faster pace then they use too. More time for the family and taking time to place order during breaks. Everyone in a hurry to go.

God given freedom to persue one's life how they see fit. Yet not the right to destory another without just cause of prosecution in a court of law. Our liberty we stand and fight for it. Liberty with a crack, meaning it only as good as those who are willing to continually stand and fight for it. As our country celebrates another Fourth of July. Another Independence Day that is a national holiday. Some business even closing to celebrate the day. Let it be a reminder of why we celebrate. It is perhaps the only thing all of the USA actually agree upon is our liberty. And if you here and don't agree and do not belong in our country get out, your no longer wanted here. It is time for our nation to say go home if you do not like our laws and our ways. To leave if you do like our liberty. It time for us to say it okay you do not like us, but you have no right to stop us. You have no right to start your proganda against us. It time laws are formed to inflict the injust of those who desire to destroy our freedom.

Two Soldiers
by christina Farris

There are two soldiers in our world. The one that serves our country and the one that servers at home. The soldier that serves our country wears a uniform that represents our land. They serve a country without a sound, but the people that love them celebrate their valor and their bravery. The other soldier is the one that stays away from the government but still is in service to our country. They go to work 9 to 5 and even shorter and longer hours. They are not marked by uniform of our nation, but marked by the career choice. Without these soldiers the homefront would be unprotected and economy could not fluctuate. The prosperity of our nation and others around the world would cease to exist.

Are we failing to see the bravery of those headed off to work. Are failing to see the bravery of the arm forces as well as local home front. In WWII women went to work in places they never worked before, just so our men could go to war. Then some women began stepping aside to allow their men back to work when they returned from war, while others stayed in their jobs that paid the bills. Each man and woman choosing what was best for their family. The choice of the soldier and the choice of those left at home, were not easy, but what did happen our nation stood together in unity and pride. Not all can go and not all can stay. In truth it been this way since 1776 when our nation stood for the first time in freedom.

Our men and women choice to work is almost obsolete. Both parents today are working because of finances. Some leaving going to war and some only to the local job. However however you serve consider this, you are a soldier of life. A soldier fighting to survive. Fighting for your family, for your country and for yourself. Soldiers for our country yes they are special, but they are not the only special soldiers in our land. Without both sets our nation would not exist as we know it.

Sharia Law Is A Religious Law
by christina Farris

The Sharia Law that Islamics in our country want to impose on our legal system, fail to realize that there is a separation of religious institution and State. Meaning their religious law is individual choice until it effects the right of Americans like on 911. Terrorist on 911 invoke Sharia Law on amerians. Most would consider these Islamics radical and extremist. Until Islam stops trying to control America, Americans despite religion, or personal creed need to educate these Islamic leaders. Explain to them though America was founded on Christian ideas, it does not mean their laws scripturally are in forced. If it was in the Ten commandments the law of though shalt not commit adultery, would give the husband the right to murder the man that commits adultery with his wife, making his action justifiable. In other words the Ten commandments today is not enforced. If someone murders the person who slept with his wife, that person faces a life sentence or death sentence.

What needs to be explained is Biblical laws helped in shaping the laws we see today. It does not mean the same sentence is carried out today for certain crimes, like adultery. If we followed Biblical law as state scripturally many people would die. In Sharia Law some rules would be stricter. Some punishments like loosing arms, legs or body parts would be in vogue for just theft. Whippings would be in vogue. If we went by religious law, most of us would be either behind bars or dead, no matter the religion. Thank God for Jesus who says your sins are forgiven and blotted out, because of his death on the cross. Yet at the same time say follow Him, meaning do the work He did in the world, to love people as yourself. In other words are laws are no more Christian or Jewish. Why would anyone want them Islamic. Let our nation call for impeachment of leaders against separation of church and state.