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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
New Beginnings 2019
by christina Farris 5/1/2019

Hope those who enjoy my writing. Will understand a much needed break. Now with a break comes a new beginning, still with hope of Christ. If by chance you learn something new. You are better for it. I hope you will continue to read. And hopefully I can some how keep up with the technology of this world to continue posting on these webpages updates as I feel lead by the Lord to do so. Enjoy this front page. More to come in the devotional section and maybe even Bible study and Inspirational section.

Dailies Updated
by Christina Farris 6/18/2019

Dailies for Month of June are now being created. Hope you enjoy what God lays on my heart to share. Just go to the top of page and click Dailies icon. Just a simple Bible devotion sometimes with much thought and sometimes short and sweet. Sometimes with a monthly theme and sometimes not. Get stuck on something that seems to be opposition of being taught, consider doing a word search. I can not think of anytime in my life where I haven't been told to use a dictionary. Well guess what I finally did. Okay maybe need to work on spelling. But here the thing this site is not meant to be perfect, because I am not God. Yet I hope maybe it encourage someone else to give there fingers a daily exercise of typing and sharing their faith in Christ.

Working Out The Kinks
by christina Farris

Much to write and little time to do it all. Sometimes the best lesson in life is try not to do it all at one time. I sometimes biog, and sometimes in truth it all just random thoughts on life that really makes more since then the daily rig a ma role in life. The sorting through the worlds issues is not always about one's life, but the world around them at large. Good sermon can come from looking around and simply saying what would Jesus do if man would just follow Him. Abortion has plagued our world for centuries and not just a few decades. Women seeking solution to unwanted pregnancy or a way to hide the pregnancy. Women perfering death if it comes right down to it, insteading having a child. Each situation different. The problem is attitude of the world about having children whether wanted or not. The rights movement claiming lets care for the unborn child, and the answer is why when you care not always about the women that are pregnant because of social law. A shame to be caught pregnant as a teen, or unwed. The right to life movers are you serious about your desire to help. Let's start with caring for the women, and stop teach indignation of women caught pregnant with a need of a career. Provide that equal pay for the women especially those having a baby or more then one child already. Consider what social law is teaching about these things from both church and so forth. Has not Christ love not overcome these issues yet. Then one looks at the issue again we don't want to say it okay, because of our children and yet the solution of love never far from the truth. Does the right to life movement shun the woman caught. Where does it end. The holocaust in our society, the social hatred of evil. Is there solution of teaching children to love the person not the act that took the person to a place of decisions or even being shunned or an outcast. The same law applies to the whole situation He who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus spoke to the adultress woman. Then he tells her go and sin no more.

The issues are clear but the changing of social stigma is not defined even by faith, or by legal right, it define by attitudes taught through generations. To say to love sin is also what's the matter of the heart. God's teaches one man and one woman, but society law through out scripture is act out quite differently at times, even stoning the sinful woman. One might teach children are blessings from the Lord, but is that the attitude in our world about the woman out of wedlock having unplanned pregnancy. Now let go a step further how do you teach sin without shunning a person caught in sin. That issue applies to homosexual and to the adultress woman. Does a good dose of tolerance and love in social situations apply. The behavioral attitude outside in society of how we treat people and what we actually think. Is it really a social farce. One has to ask is it really that simple to show love despite one attitude. Will that really change the world. Not really because the cliques still teach hate and bigotry in their circles.

Now let us add perception to the point. People hear the teachings, and see the action of those teaching. If you show love it seems contradiction of the teaching. If you show hate it consider bigotry. If the attitude is what do we do with the situation is upon us, it should be to love the person and teach why we believe it wrong, but the situation is now what, it to late to change the fact of what happened. The coping situation is to love. To love and show compassion is not embracing the situation, It saying let society take responsibility for their bigotry and attitudes of injust that cause more sin of hiden abortion. Society changes the need for these laws to protect the unborn child would never exist it be part of love package of the world. Yet the world also says there another mouth to feed let's kill it and another burden on society. Another part of the population war being solved with abortion. People saying it is okay to abort, why because they hate the extra burden it causing society to have a baby. Where does it end, I am not sure. I know to love and aid someone when you can, is often a blessing. Abortion is destruction to both the baby and sometimes even the women, depending on the care given. Protect the baby does cause some women to go to back alleys to have an abortion. If society can not learn to love and teach social acceptance and it okay to be pregnant even in college. The job force enabling women to win and peer support coming with this baby is a blessing to your life. An add burden perhaps, but also a person that will be perhaps like you one day. A person with your smile, your hopes, your dreams, and maybe a little rebellion against being like you that they reshape even their own destiny not to be just like you. How we treat another must come with love. Loving despite what we see is wrong in another. Recognizing what God calls sin, but his protection even when sin abounds.

editted, needs a few more revisements. But letting it stand as is. CF