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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Season Of Hope
by Christina Farris 3/01/2017

What is hope but the dawning of a new day. Hope is going to sleep and hoping to wake in the morning light. Hope is breathing calming as you wait on news of a love one in hospital bed. Hope is not gone, when there is no hope to be found by human power. Hope continues in faith in God and Christ Jesus. The hope of eternity shining bright. The hope in the storm of life. Hope for tomorrow as rain pours down that the children can go out and play. Hope is the goaled of overcoming failure. Hope is what dreams are made of. Hope is believing what you can not see, hear, or feel at times. Trusting in the truth of God's Holy Word because you know in your heart the power of God to change not only soul, but the world in which you live and beyond. Trusting in promise that eternity will come with the saving grace of the return of Christ or death before Christ return. Our hope is in Christ alone, His Son redeeming power over the ages. God His Father's love pouring down on us giving the hope of eternity and ages passed.

St. Patrick Day Cards
Lucky Charms
by Christina Farris 2/01/2017

A little girl seeing a sign of a four leaf clover having no clue that the four leaf clover is hard to find. To find one means you are lucky. Yet many people carry charms in their pockets or wear those socks to the big game because if they do not, they feel they will loose the game. Most people consider lucky charms to be unharmful. They boost moral, give some confidence and others just something to say. Yet in truth those lucky carms no matter where they come from can be a danger to your spirituality, if they the over take you in to dark magic of the underworld. Truth is, thing that are suppose to bring you luck or people will not really bring you luck. They may be useful to you, but they can not bring you luck. Find a penny, head up might mean your lucky day, but only if you are inline for checkout in a store and are a penny short without it.

Do these things bring harm to our children, usually not. Yet it is those things taken to seriously that will harm your faith. Will harm you very soul and your children's soul. It the same as sitting in the same pew every week because it is special to you. Someone taking a person spot only infuriate that person, may have a problem with their faith, or a problem that effects them with physical issues. For example someone not being able to see a tv screen to read words or hear well for some reason that location just right.

Luck have it, that luck has run out. Fact is put your charms away and your idols and turn to God today. Turn to the one that can save your soul, his name is Jesus. He died for you. The message of Christ is told in the Four Gospels. We will be going from Lent to St Patrick's Day to Easter/Ressurection Day in Daily Devotions in the next two months. Never forgetting the cross of Jesus for the saving of our soul, or human price of spreading the Gospel of Jesus. Let us not forget our missionaries this month or their journey to break down the lies and deceptions of charms and pagan idolatry.

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Needing Tax Help
By Christina Farris

Have you gotten your taxes filled out and sent in, if not consider calling Clinch Valley Community Action for free tax help for families. They also offer a wide variety of other services for families needing emergency assistance, as well as elder companion service. They are well knowledgable about taxes and also very friendly, showing compassion and courtesy to their vistors. They will take time to explain anything you might not understand concerning their programs and information they are providing for you. Consider making Clinch Valley Community Action part of your solution to filling out your Tax return today, or consider looking into other programs they provide for families needing assistance. Leave your headache with them and do not take it home with you. Also consider volunteering if you got time and energy.It not always about receiving but giving back to the community in someway.

Clinch Valley Community Action is offering Free Tax Preparation.(click here)

If Clinch Community Action is not in your community go to IRS and see what organizations are helping with free Tax Help. Service should be free and confidential. IRS Tax Assistance(click here)

Remember you only have a few days left. April 15, 2015 deadline.