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Game Day Of The Season
by Christina Farris 2/01/2017

The Superbowl is one of the biggest football games of the season whether you love football or not. It is the biggest party time of sport's fans. Some church's will participate in this worldly event, because it teaches that people can have fun not just in worship of faith, but doing things they enjoy. We are not to leave God out of our life even if we are doing other things in our life. It is also a time to put God back into our thoughts as we participate in fun activities. The game day starting with prayer, and going into devotional time during the half time show. A time of short mediation on Jesus. A time to teach our young people that God is still in our lives even inside or outside the church in everything they do.

Without believers teaching that fellowship is not always in the mode of prayer and song, one fails to understand the ability to keep and balance their lives with Christ in the center of it. God made the world for us to enjoy. Not all like football, but it is a good time to teach values of faith beyond the door of the church and sanctuary.

May the best team win this Super Bowl Season!! May God bless the team members and their fans.

Are you ready to race toward Jesus today?

Go Racing 2017

Season Of Love
by Christina Farris 2/01/2017

Let us love with the purity of love this season of love. Let us love with the compassion and grace of God. Let us love with hope God gives each of us through Christ Jesus. The unconditional love of God is the greatest love mankind has ever been shown. It is that love of God willingly giving up His Son for you and me. His Son came teaching and preaching the grace of His Father. The people understanding not but the things they could see and preceive through the miracle that came through Christ Jesus. His words penetrating their hearts, that is still penetrating the heart of man today. The word of God still speaks if we will only listen.

Month Of Compassion
by Christina Farris 2/01/2017

Today is the first of February and when a person is having one of them days you wish you really did not have to get up and start your day. No, life is a blessing, though some would like to make you think it is not. Life is about caring when no one else will. And sometimes caring beyond what you think you can only helps someone else do so later. What is love but the attribute of compassion for another. This month being love month what is someway to show compassion.

1. Open a door for a stranger.
2. Buy someone lunch
3. Take time to listen to someone's ranting.
4. Take time to do a small favor for someone though it be out of your way.
5. Take time to give someone a hug.
6. Do something special for someone, (buy someone something they need or something to bring a little cheer.
7. Do that chore around the house no one likes doing
8. Give a hands up to show you care.
9. Give hand out, but because #8 can not be done.
10. Share something that is yours and is not trash.

The month compassion is that month of truly caring for someone other then yourself. Every day is pamper day for you. Yet not every day is pamper day for someone else. Let make this month for spreading a little love for the month of compassion, for that what Jesus would do.

Code Black Month 2017
by Christina Farris 2/19/2017

Most of Black Americans are celebrating their history and their freedom this month. However this month I like to tell you about Code Black. Code Black not the show but the death and enslavement of innocent and weak people of our own nation and world. Not about slavery of a color, but of people. People that have no ability to fight or organize on their own for their own freedom. Where the guns out number and mind control with the torture of the mind. The code black that leads to death if one does not conform.

Code Black been going on for decades, it not new, it just disguised in many different ways. Some called in Nazi concentration camps for the Jews, some call it refugee camps, and others call it halt to the code blue emergency, nothing will help these people.

I know the one that can help always. Jesus is always the answer and always the solution. Repentance and seeking God, for the help for the mercy of his grace. God is about life and liberty not death and destruction. Yet there is a time of destruction called Christ return for the day of judgment. Where even God says enough to the evil ways of man. Enslavement not code black it is a code blue. It is emergency that needs change. Code black is one that needs immediate attention because unless God intervenes there will be death by the human hand or the plague. It is humanity playing God over innocent lives, it is called abortion, it is called death camps, and it called ethnic cleansing. Instead of helping to change a country, a people for the good murder is sought instead.

God is the author of life and death. When humanity thinks they have the right to play God then they have chosen to take freedom from a people that may or may not of deserved to die. Innocent babies and children have died for less reasons then hate. The reason of not being wanted or cared for.

Can you make a difference? Start with prayer and start caring for someone different then yourself. Someone you might not normally care about. Someone needing hand up and not always that hand out. Help that person that is in danger and in code black.

Oh Say Can You See: Flag Day 2017
by Christina Farris 2/14/2017

I have to go back to many archives probaby 2005 where I declare that I would not remove the American flag until all our soldiers were home. February 15 is Flag Day. My country flag still waves along with the Christian flag and Bible. To remove either flag would declare our freedom no longer remains. Though there times our freedom does not reign the way it should, it does not mean our constitution is not in place. Our laws were founded for a purpose to give justice and freedom to all. To be a Christian in our land is to say we will let freedom stand, until the coming of Lord. Our sovereign to God and His word reigns in our hearts, with the ability to obey our government laws. No leader is perfect,that is why we have laws to govern even our leaders if they will not see themselves above the law. May the flag still stand for freedom, may we fight for liberty. May the flag still wave to set us all free.

President Trump's Birthday 2017
by Christina Farris 2/19/2017

February 20, 2017 is President Trumps first birthday in the white house. As he still working on his cabinet, he still making big plans while in office. He makes the choice of election as president more difficult with language of tearing everything apart democrates have done, failing to remember the republicans were in the majority in Congress during former President Obama's term. Is the issue of President Trump serving a nation causing fear in the republican lines as well as democrats.I have to wonder, what will become of the peace negotions with places in the Middle East like Iran during Obama administration. No doubt the changes being made is only based on changes needed because time as passed and a new deal is needed. Of course Republicans like to do things their own way,and realize their own efforts in the Congress were a mistake so President Trump got to right those misguided agreements the Republicans have made. President Trump may your wife and you have a wonderful President day with maybe a little rest on this federal holiday.