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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Veteran's Day
5 Things One Should Be Thankful For
by Christina Farris 11/24/2016

1. To know liberty in which we Stand As One Nation Under God.

2. We should be glad we all are born into this world as equals and depart this world as equals

3. Thankful for the air we breath that gives us life

4. Family and friends.

5. Hope for tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Day
Do You Have Jesus In Your Shopping Cart?
by Christina Farris 11/25/2013

The Biggest Shopping Day comes with a sale at every story. This half off to 10%. Every store hoping to get your money and sell you a new dream, or hope for what will be placed under your tree. May the true meaning of Christ that is not for sale, the one item that needs to be in every shopping cart this year. It is the salvation message from God to you and me.It is a free gift. A gift from above. It comes with much light and love. His name is Jesus, who came through prophecy and hope for each generation. Jesus is the light of the world. He is the salvation message to man. That whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Many believe, but never receive the best gift of all. Receive Christ today. He died for your sins and rose again so we could have a new life through Him.

November A Month Of Memories
by Christina Farris 11/01/2016

As I sit at my keyboard reflecting on past November's days, it is not unusual to see snow on the ground, and yet the last few years it been quit warm in my area where I live. Warm enough to leave a door open and enjoy the changing fall leaves that usually gone by now. The dogwood turning redder then usual, and showing that it truly is a red dogwood. I had begun to wonder with white blossoms every year. The few birds still gathering together to fly south for the winter. As people prepare to honor the veterans around the world, the images of the wars linger on with Syrian refuges looking for a place to lay their head. With American divided still on issues of the Middle East one can only ask, when will all the war in the world be over? After all fighting been going on since the early 1900's around the world. Is there ever any peace.

Thanksgiving is around the bend a time to be thankful for the many blessing we do have. The friends and family that held so dear. The hope of future of many blessings to come. Some folks no not where there next meal is coming from, or whether they will have a place to sleep. People taking grocery bags and weaving and crocheting them into mats for the homeless. People taking can food and much needed coats and hats to warm the people on the street. How many homes will be roasting a turkey only to forget those in need. Turkey is a luxury to some and an added expense for the month. Yet others buy one or more turkeys never giving it a thought but what size it is when it goes into the grocery cart. People on the streets are looking for their next meal, but not giving up. If you are able to give a little, help a little think of those without that meal. Think about those without bed, or place to warm themselves and do what you can to help. Remember those families just struggling to pay their bills and do with the hope of a better tomorrow.

In God We Trust
by Christina Farris 11/25/2016

In God we trust as our next President Donald Trump prepares for office that those he choose to be part of the leadership of our government that they will be people of good character, just in decisions and fair concerning our nations laws. I have refrained from speaking about President's Trump nomination for the past several weeks beyond Daily Devotions on this website. Main reason, I believe our nation is fixing to go through some more changes that are going to tip the scales one way or the other for or against the people. The truth is this, no matter who is in office there is always someone that does not benefit from a different way of thinking. Truth it does concerns me how fast America changes their mind on the course of action that should be taken. First time in my life time I seen such a political race come so close. All I can think is I pray the good things of President Obama terms in office remain and the bad things that were not so beneficial to the people get done away with. Yet it not about one party or another, It about making right choices for all people. My region thrives off the coal fields. No one thought it effect them in our area because coal industry is not right in our town. Yet it does effect us, for where do people go to shop from these mining towns. Not just my town but larger towns and areas around us. Economically there is going to be change. Change is good. But how does it effect environment is going to be another question. There nothing good or bad about any decision made on these issues that will change what will be. Let us pray for our nation, and the job markets that will open and shut because of our new leader. Let us pray for our nation and Donald Trump and His family. Pray for the tradition of President Obama as he begins his move out of the Oval office after Christmas time. In God we trust with any change in our nation.

Time Fall Backward
by Christina Farris 11/3/2013

Do not forget that time is falling back this Novermber 6, 2016. Daylight saving time is just around the corner. Then hopefully my clock will put me back on schedule.

Baseball World Series
by Christina Farris 11/3/2013

Take me back to the ball game of years gone by, no let us get into the future as the Cubs won 2016. I did not mean to slight the Cubs or the Indians, but the truth of matter I have not swung bat in 20 years. The games of old use to run on all the local networks, waving to the crowd of on watches of both the TV and the stands. And now one main station carries you to keep those without cable in the stands. What happened to those games reviews of years gone by, it has gone to cable and satellite and now to social media.

Go Cubs I heard it was a good game. My homestate of Virginia player helped you win. Hats off to you.

Burn Band
by Christina Farris 11/25/2013

Burning advisor, no burning of any kind in my area. I suggest the time of year that it is that people check with their local fire department and forest service to see what is advised in their area. After all you do not want to pay a heavy price for burning illegally, or even cause someone death or loss of their home or loved ones. Just got one of them phone calls from the emergency services to remind of the burn band. Thought I would share. Better safe then sorry.