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Get Some Coffee Today

by Christina Farris 10/1/2016

Autumn a time of reflection of how God preserves our faith. How He keeps us in his grace and protection. How God in his wisdom blesses his creation, by providing plenty of storage for the winter months ahead. I have been spiritually blessed writing devotions everyday. Yet there been times of late lf needing to set my pen aside and really ask how much writing is necessary for God's heritage. See God preserves us. Yet those of us that love studying scripture could study and research for hours this one book of faith called the Bible. Never thinking of a coffee break or extra cup of coffee to start a morning. It is the freshness of faith everyday and the preservation of godly reserves in our hearts and minds that enables us to clean to the Old Rugged Cross.

It is the nine to five job of work that a person needs more then one cup of coffee to get through the day. Not to only stay alert, but to keep from drowning in the mundane of everyday life. Consider your cup of coffee. What is in it. The milk and honey of faith, or only the dark rich heritage of daily living? Get Some coffee today.

Fire Prevention Week

by Christina Farris 10/8/2016

Fire Prevention Week and Month in October. A time to reflect on those service people that do a job that no one else wants to do. It is to risk their lives daily for you and I, to keep us safe in this world from the fires that burn in the night and through the fields, woods, streets and buildings of our world. They do more then fight fire but rescue people from wrecked vehicles, mountain ledges, ditches, rivers, and occasionally a tree.

When the last time you thank a fire fighter. When the last time you took time to lend support for our brave men and women in fire gear and even the rescue squad. No one thinks of these people until they need to call 911. Until the hair dryer sets the bed on fire, or the meal on the stove caught the kitchen on fire. No one thinks of these men until their car is crushed and they are unable to move because they are entrapped in a vehicle. No one thinks of the fire fighter until it is them in trouble.

Thank God for the fire fighter and the rescue squad members that choose to dedicate and risk their lives to the people of this world. Thank God for the good Samaritan that said I will take you to wherever you can be cared for, instead of leaving you on the roadside to die. Thank God for those ladder climbers and mountain climbers that train to propel to your location. Thank God for the helicopter that took you off a roof, or out of the middle of a body of water. Thank God for these people that are brave enough to try, for they do not always get right, but they keep on trying. As long as these people are in the world there be less death in places that should know death.

There is another special fire fighter to remember it is also that men and women that work hard to keep you out of hell. They share the Gospel, by giving you hope if you will only believe in Jesus. Your eternity secure upon belief, but belief is only part of the picture. The strive the goal of those that believe and follow Jesus is to love and obey God and to follow after His spirit the Holy Spirit, that one is sealed/marked with until the time of death or Christ return. Let us honor first our Savior and then those that share the gospel of Jesus along with those fire fighters of this earth that helps give you one more chance to be saved before your death. What are you going to do before you die, what are you doing right now to prevent seeing the fires of hell. Only you can decide to follow Jesus, only you can decide to believe. Only you can put on your wall an escape route to get outside encase of a fire? Only you can put up a fire extinguisher or fire detector in your home? Can you pray, can you follow God's word? Can you follow after the Spirit of God today? Keep the fire of hell out of your home.

Pray For The Cure
by Christina Farris 10/25/2016

Let us pray for those diagnoise with cancer this month and every day of the year. That cure will be found or God's miracle hand will be extended to each and every patient. Tumors will flee, skin tissue with cancer will be bound not to grow again, and blood cancers will grow new health cells and replace the disease of cancer. May the Lord bless and demonstrate His power through each and every patient, so they too know the power of God in their life, that they will know the power of Jesus even if medical treatment is received.

Lord give each patient the extra strength for the journey ahead. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Anti Bullying
by Christina Farris 10/25/2016

This is the month to think of getting rid of evil. To get rid of the monsters in the closet and under the bed. The devil outside the window and hocus pocus of the con artist to deceive and trick the children in following the ways of the devil. This is the month to turn kids to life of good behavior, and living for Jesus. This is the month to warn the children of Satan diminishing power. Time to tell the children of God's saving grace and that power of love that binds the devil's mistakes. Be Sweet not to get a treat but because of the power of God's saving and loving grace.