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Labor 2016

Labor Day Cards
by Christina Farris 9/1/2016

Labor Day Weekend the most memorial weekend before fall. It is the weekend that people hope and pray they have three to four days off instead of one, unless they need the pay. It is the most worked holiday of the year. People sitting up tables, for yard sales, and picnics, only for others to rise up early in the morning instead of sleeping in to get a good shopping deal. It is the time of year to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the day off. It is that time of year to clean out those closets for fall cleanup, as well as those yard sales. Yet it is the day families and offices that are closed gather for picnics with barbecues and competitive outdoor games. This year it is on September 5, 2016. And on Septermber 6 people will be going back to work instead of rest very weary and tired from all the fun. Enjoy your laborday, it is a day for you and try not to work to hard on it.

Sabbath Day Rest
by Christina Farris 9-03-2016

Genesis 2:1-3 KJV
(1) Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.
(2) And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
(3) And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

God created the heaves and the earth and then created all things living, until you get to seventh day. God felt it was good on the seventhay to rest from all his labor and to look at what He had created. The world once more has copy cat God on choosing their own day of rest. Not following God's day of rest with their own idea of rest once more. Though most would agree the organizing of Labor unions, and protecting people's working rights are important, they changed the day of rest to their own idea of rest. No one would argue labor day is needed, but is it not God's plan for rest. God felt it was important for at least one day of rest a week was important, and the business world thought it was only one day a year rest was important. The money the greed of the business world is just clearly noted as they steal workers vacation time, days off to call in good workers to replace workers that will not work or are sick. Those that work hard for little wages, little time off because they need the money. Though minimum wages are higher and the economy is balancing out in some areas, it does not mean it balancing out for everyone.

God's day of rest is Saturday, we celebate the light of Christ on Sunday for He rose to victory from the grave the day after His Father's day of rest. We meet in the middle of two day of rest once a year. Let us remember God's day of rest first and then the world's day of rest for man second, knowing God's plan is always best. Have a wonderful Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Growing Old
by Christina Farris 9-03-2016

September, we celebrate the lives of the elderly in our country and around the world, let us not forget what it means to grow old. To grow old is when the little boy or girl looks at you and says yes mame or sir. The little boy or girl says where did you get that white hair? The boy or girl ask why are you balding? The boy or girl says do you want me to get that because you might break your bones? The little girl and boy asked how did you get that old? The little boy or girl ask how do I get false teeth and can I wear yours? The little boy and girl ask can I help you across the street?

When all the questions are ask you ask what did you say I can not hear you? What did you say I can not remember what you said? Do you mind telling me who you are, because I do not talk to strangers? Come over hear and let me see who you are? Do you know where my glasses are?

As the years pass by and people get older they only hope, they can still move across the floor on their own, the pain in the joints are tolerable, and for the warm sun shining bright through the window on them cold days. The most important thing older people hope is that they will not be forgotten by their children or friends that are living. It hard to see love ones grow old, because you know their days are now shorter. The elders are a reminder of life coming to a close with hope of eternity, and the beauty and grace to wait. A life of wisdom and hope for tomorrow.