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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Summer Days
by Christina Farris 6/1/2016

As the heat index begins to climb and gardens begin to flourish, let us not forget going to the beach and sitting in the sun. Put some lotion on to protect from the scorching sun and use some hot oils at night. In fact there is essentials oils used at the beach. God's islands need the essential oil of the Lord. Oil of God's Holy Spirit for healing of the soul, mind and body. The anointing of the Holy Spirit that keeps one getting burnt from the devil and protected by darkness of the night with the fire light.

Father's Day Cards
Father's Day
by Christina Farris 6/1/2016

Father's Day is not just about our earthly dads, but our Heavenly Father and his mercy and grace. As we think about our own Father's let us not forget Heavenly Father who wants to be a part of our life. Living freely in our hearts to teach and guide us through life journey.

Planning To Go Camping
Christina Farris 6/1/2016

Planning for camp is every camper time of dreaming of bigger camping shelters from larger tents to the mobile home. This month many are preparing to send their children to private day camps and church camps. Consider where you send them and if they are having fun. If they are learning and what they are learning. Camping whether in a cabin for church group or other was highlight of my own childhood and teen years of working. It was one of the most exciting time to learn not only Bible but to meet and talk to people in the mission field.

I enjoyed camping in a camper and a tent too. The reminders of nature walks and summer pools/lakes. Mom and Dad trying to keep up with me riding my bike in all direction around the campground comes to mind.

Freedom And Hatred
Christina Farris 6/14/2016

What is our duty to our fellow man? What is our duty as a believer? When we play God it only means we see ourselves as superior being over a group of people and truth is we are not. Yes there people smarter in some areas then others, for God did not create us all the same. Others have abilities of strength and others are weak. Yet it makes us no less part of the human race. A race called to worship God our Father. A race called to honor God. The human world is not always listening to God, often listening to how puffed up they can make each other. God created all living and yet not living uses their talents for gifts of God. Gifts of God are about love, joy, hope, longsuffering, gentleness, faith and goodness.

When the world goes upside down because of hate we have to defend ourselves against hate. Against the hatred in our humanity, abuse and neglect. Our human duty whether a believer or not is to protect these rights of freedom. Today is flag day. And yes I am late posting anything, because in truth this last disaster of killing in Orlando is plaguing our news. It the horror of innocent being shot at because of a fanatic. A fanatic who chose to play God. A fanatic that need psychological help but no one wanted to help him. No one cared about him. Yet our government had him under investigation. Where was the doctor to befriend him as a man to do intervention on this guy or to see if mental intervention could be called. It saddens me to think of the state of affairs our country is in. It shoots itself in the government foot. Yet their hands are tied to what they can and well do. Would it not been simple to just surround the guy with people in opposition to try and control this man's rage.

People are asking what can be done but it is more simple then we think. Yet government inference can be thought to be taking the rights of humanity away. When is the downfall of removal of privacy and when is the freedom inacted. Fact is privacy of individual is a problem. Yet things that can be done to keep freedom of indiviudal without big brother becoming a nusance. Number we can prayer not only as individual but every God fearing American. Two we can be friends with people not like ourselves, at least in social environment. Three we can become listeners and speaks of gentle art of teaching love.