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What The Site Cross
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Events to Mark On your Calendar in March
Daylightsaving Time - 13th
St Patrick's Day - 17th
Palm Sunday - 20
Easter/Resurrection Sunday - 27
Spring In Abundance
By Christina Farris

As old snow from over a week lays on the ground, the thoughts of another storm coming may dampen those who want to get an early start tending those spring gardens in the hill country. Many farmers hoping that the early spring will tenderly care for anything they plant. God never plants a seed to early. It falls to the ground right on time and begins to grow into a mustard seed of faith. This month is about faith. About where our faith stands at the cross and the sacrifice Christ made for us, by giving of himself for you and me. God's timing for planting, and God's timing for growth so the harvest will be plentiful for his kingdom.

Not Time To Go Home Until God Says So
By Christina Farris

2 Corinthians 12:1-5 KJV
(1) It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.
(2) I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.
(3) And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)
(4) How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.
(5) Of such an one will I glory: yet of myself I will not glory, but in mine infirmities.

I can not help but think what it meant for Paul to meet a man who had a vision from heaven. He either was not impressed by the encounter or had not a clear answer for its happening. What can not be utter is those things that God ordains for a certain time. Today as I type out the daily devotions for March 2 I had no clue that what I was writting. It was what I thought for the home page. And the more i type the later the morning got and time got away from me. And as I typed by my last sentence God said now use it for your devotion. Adding the scripture last. My response was okay Lord it late, I have no choice to obey or be even later. There is a point to this message, I might think i am the CEO and manager of this webpage, but in truth God is still in charge. I love God's subtle message of his reminder of who is truly in control and who is not. That elevator of clouds may appear stuck but in truth it is only stuck till God pushes the button for it to move. In fact we are all stuck on this earth til God turns the page. One can only think one is in charge of their life hear on earth. Simple fact is our time upon this is really short. Whatever time one has it can be to glorify the Lord or to glorify man his his doings. There is nothing wrong with honor friends and family, but one has to understand God is first in charge and man is second. Yet God puts us first when it comes to his love for us, for He sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.

Paul decide it was better to glorify God when it came to the race he was running and how God was working in his life, then to talk about how God stopped him on the road to Damacus or meeting a man that seen heaven. In truth it better to speak of what you know God does for you then to talk about those things though they may of happened, and to talk about the work of God with all one goes through in life. The elevator will start moving on its own when it God's time to go home. Our feet is here and there nothing we can do about things in heaven. But we can worship the Creator who made both heaven and earth. And One more thing to take note of even Jesus came back after his death for forties days because it was not time for him to sit beside His Father.

New Videos:
By Christina Farris

New video has been released in the video section. If you can not load from website go to utube videos by clicking on the utube video on the video home page.

Easter Message 2016
by Christina Farris 3/23/2016

Not the normal Easter message of the cross. We all bare a cross in life, yet we can go through life with Jesus helping us carry our cross, and not try to carry the burdens of everyone else, or we can take up our cross and ask Jesus to give us the strength to help others with their cross in life, though we can never fully support their cross. For the cross we bear in life is really about our own life we live by choices we make. Choices to do good and to triumph over evil, the cross of helping our neighbor, friends and family, and not least the cross to carry the last miles of death in our human body. Not a cross without regrets, anger, with revenge, and horrors in life, but hopefully the cross of love, compassion, goodness, mercy, joy, faith, longsuffering, gentleness, and kindness. A cross we bear hopefully will hold to the things that are good and not the evil of the world we live in, but in truth we are tainted by our own fallacies and sins. We carry our cross and lay it at the feet of Jesus, with him healing our cross through His resurrection, hopefully we can find a way through his love and mercy to stand in triumph over evil, over the shedding of sin in our life that plagues our's cross. That cross becoming individualized through sanctification process and no longer looked at as universal purging of all sin from the universe of people. Us taking responsibility of receving Christ into our hearts to change and to purge our life from sin, because we believe in Him. Jesus carried our sins to the cross and buried them because he died for our mistakes, though he deserved not the death of the cross. Yet is through his suffering that we are made clean through His resurrection and given eternal life if we will believe. God loved us enough to redeem us back to himself. Redeem us because He created us to commune with Him, even in our imperfection of life's road. He blots out those imperfections because of the cross. Laying down His word and allowing us to have freedom through His Son Jesus.

How Dirty Are YOU
Inspirational Card Section
Foot Washing
by Christina Farris 3/5/2016

As Passover approaches along with Palm Sunday the understanding of the fact there is no more need for human sacrifice, but a need for obedience by His Spirit who writes on the hearts of all that believe. Jesus was anointed with a bottle of perfume. Mary tenderly caring for the task of preparing Jesus for his death. Yet Jesus anointed his disciples feet for service by washing of their feet with water,(a task done for any guest entering a home or inn.) Often times road dirt would get on the feet of travelers and the servant would wash the feet. Yet this time Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist and knelt down and washed their feet. Peter did not like this act of washing of his feet and Jesus meet opposition. Peter told Jesus not my feet but my whole body. Peter was already a believer, he just need some road dirt knock off his feet. When one gets saved one has to understand they are saved by God's grace through the cross and resurrection of Jesus and not by works. Yet when one sin, the believer has an advocator/lawyer name Jesus. Who purges us with the knowledge of the word and Holy Spirit of God and tells us when one messes up.

It okay to fall in a mud puddle but not okay to remain unclean. It okay to need one's feet washed, but not okay to have dirty feet all the time. As humans we are going to get dirty, our human nature sometimes over rides our faith because of temptation. Do not be a believer that afraid to kneel and ask Jesus for forgiveness, help along the road of faith, and/or also the ability to move on in faith. Sin can hold you back. Just allow Jesus to cleanse you from the road dirt in life by just simply confessing. Continue down the glory road of faith, turning from any sin just committed. Jesus is returning soon so be clean by God's saving power through the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

Just a Few ST Patrick's Day Cards Click Here
Annie Armstrong
Baptist Missionary

by Christina Farris 3/26/2015

Annie Armstrong a woman of faith believer in the support of missions. God gave her a drive to write many churches asking for financial support for missionaries.I do not ask for money. However mission work around the world and in America is needed. Easter Sunday is often a time when money is collected for US Missions in Baptist churches. Yet what it supports is mission work to supply missionaries with goods and services needed for their work. Those barrels of supply are often a much needed blessing. The lack of supply means dependency on God's provision. Annie Armstrong start writing because of her desire to help missionaries that needed help.

Basically if you in a Baptist Church on Easter Sunday consider donating money for missions for the spread of the Gospel and helping missionaries in poor areas.

Just a Few Easter Cards
Click Here
March is also Women's History Month.
by Christina Farris

What woman is not important in her own right. She is a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, niece, and sister. One of the most important things when dealing with women, is that they are one of these in your life. Whether by birth or by human selection every person needs a woman in their life. The connection of women whether it around a kitchen counter, or in a sewing room, or a the mall, women have the ability to connect if nothing more on those that are important to one's daily life. Every one cooks, cleans, and shops, but not everyone is a woman.The opposition often fails to look at the tears that glisten on the cheek, rather to ignore the reason those tears shine in the new day sun. The woman loves to laugh, to cry, to cheer on the world around her. Yet she works and tends to the needs of her family all in one day until she crawls into bed at night, never noticed by the household on many given nights. That the point, women's month is not about a period, but about a woman being honor for her duty in life. Going beyond her human ability as the sunshine rises and falls through the day. This month we honor women and the church who is also called a woman the bride of Christ. Let us rejoice in the fellowship of womanhood, both spiritually and humanly.

However there is also a Bible Study called: Women in the Bible, in the Bible Study section of the website. So go explore.

Help for Abuse of Women
by Christina Farris

Seeing a friend in trouble often leaves you feeling helpless when you realize there is little you can do but pray. Yet God's intervention is sometimes your responsibility, it is called stepping up to the plate and showing the person the abuse in their life. It might not always be smart to interfer, so sometimes you have to be creative. Sometimes creativity is only seen by helping with awareness of abuse. First take time to pray, and then start asking yourself why do you feel this person is abused and does it meet the guidelines of abuse by the government. Then consider how you can help. First thing you need to do is research and second you need to listen and consider as a friend how you can be most helpful. Until a person wants out of abuse they will probably not hear you. Yet you might be the only link to their outside world. You might be the only life line, a person has. If the person life ends in death, then you know you at least had an open door. Many women are killed each year due to abuse. Some are only batter and stay because they thinking it will not be killed, not knowing that death is around the next punch. Some staying because it is their only financial support and means of survival they think they have, because they have gotten closed off from the world around them. Is there help. Well you can not yank them out of their situation, they have to want to help themselves. Yet you can do something by providing information and friendship. I have left a link for government helpline for those with inquiries:

Click here For Information on what you can do to help.

Remember sometimes you can only pray, but other times you can do something. This site will help you with your search on what you can do and how you or a friend can get help from abuse.