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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Hoping For Early Spring
by Christina Farris 2/1/2016

Ground Hog Day, a time of hoping for spring to come quickly with the folklore of a ground hog seeing his shadow. The looking for Tulips, Daffodiles and Easter Lillies to raise the heads is also good sign of early spring, or flowers waking because the warmth of the blanket of snow is uncovered to let the sunshine in. The looking for the first robin red breast, to the first babies of the season. Whatever your sign is for spring, remember snow still can come even in spring.

Season and Weather
Superbowl Sunday
by Christina Farris 1/8/2015

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the Bend. The biggest game of past time for many Americans. Some churches even taking that Sunday to share in a little fellowship and watching of the big game. A little devotional time during the half hour of half time. A time of snacking and playing games, to entertain those that do not watch the big game. With all cheering together for their favorite team, the church learns to have a social engagement that all can enjoy even those outside the church.

Other people gather in living rooms across America with beer in one hand and snacks in the other. Some getting toasted to the point that it no longer safe to drive. Do not be drunkard or one that drives anyway. Many have died on Super Bowl Sunday just because someone could not control their intake of alcoholic beverages. Stick to a church party, and hopefully nothing is spked. Consider someone other then yourself this Superbowl party of the year.

Go Bronco's, Go Panthers, may the best team win this superbowl season.

Celebration of Love, Liberty and Life the American Tradition
by Christina Farris 2/13/2016

This week starts with the traditon's of Valentines day and celebrating the romance in the relationship of human kind. The following day is President Day and my grandmother's birthday. None these day have importance but to those that hold relationships of our heart, country and home. The simple fact is love is a factor in all of these.

Number 1:Valentine's Day a tradition of the love of Romance Representing national and global celebration of our respect for others and our healthy relationship to them.

Number 2: Our Founding Father's of our nation, from President George Wasaington to current day President Barrack Obama birthday. The celebration of the oval office that reflects our nation leaders, and the state of our country.

Number3: And then Grandma's birthday a reflection of the home time gone by and went and ancestory of age and beauty, where one comes from, and the love and joy passed down from each generation.

If anyone could say celebration of joy, peace and hope, one can not deny the global truth that celebration of love, life and liberty to the human spirit is necessary to the human heart reminding us all of the importance these things have in our daily life. May the celebration of love, liberty, and life continue on.

Happy Valentines Day cards are in the card section along with Grandma birthday cards.See turtle icon for cards and tags.

Raceway of life is toward Jesus with the Cross before us. Are you ready to race toward Jesus today?

Go Racing 2016


The Romancing Of The Heart
by Christina Farris 2/01/2016

Romance is one of the most beautiful things in life. Everyone loves watching animals together displaying their companionship with one another. A sign of spring and longevity. As human walk with hands held together the knowledge that those two are probably a couple. The Romance of the flowers bought and wining and dining of a meal shared. The dance, a stroll in park or down the boulevard, the quietness playing of a board game or watching a movie, to the outdoor activies of tennis, four wheeling, or skiing down the slopes. Whatever the mood whatever the joy. The couple being seen as monagomous relationship and a symbol of love.

The Bible speaks little about the romance of a couple. The exception of Ruth and Boaz was one romantic couple, yet if one really thinks about it, the situation could of gone badly for Ruth, being found at the foot of the bed of Boaz. Yet Boaz was an honorable man to a virtuous woman and married her. God speaks against premarital sex and adultress relationships. Yet when one looks at scripture one has to wonder where did it begin and end for each couple. Mary was probably the most virtuous woman in scripture. A virgin even at the comception of the Savior. Waiting til after the Savior birth to be one with Joseph. Yet not all relationships were so perfect. This immperfection shows the human nature of following the heart and often the physical attraction of the opposite sex.

What then can we say is there no hope for a pure relationship? Of course there is, but when it does not happen one has to consider they have not learn to control the emotion called love. If that emotion is so hard to control what hope do we truly have. It the wooing of God's spirit that is strong then our human nature. God's correction and voice in the matter is necessary. God's calls us to be willing to wait, but not all achieve that goaled.

God calls us to repentance and a life style of change when we receive Jesus Christ as Lord. One must learn to bridle the whole body. To control the emotion of love, until one is married. In truth It not as simple as it seems, when one experience love for the first time.

Purity Of Faith
by Christina Farris 2/13/2016

As Valentine Day fast approaches, in my heart I love the reminders of love in the air, and then I remember that Valentine's day has much folklore and history behind it that has nothing to do with the Christian faith. The public schools have had there Valentine Day dances and no one thinks of the origins of these traditions. No one wants to be alone on Valentine's Day, and will jump into love for one day at least in a year.

I love the hearts, the candy and the flowers. Yet it not about tradition of another year gone by, but the make believe of cupid shooting his arrow to find love that attracts another human. Yet I rather focus on the heart searching to be with that one person for the rest of one's life. Some people even set their wedding day so there is always a reminder of love. Why does scripture have so many couples an so little romance? Scripture is God's love letter to man. Though it speaks of man's life, it always in connection and relationship to God that is important through out scripture. It is a book of judgment but also love. It speaks of the hope God gives if we follow His leadership, the marriage to His Son, not by sexuality, but spiritual rebirth. Christ one day visiiting His bride to be, and claiming his bride as his and taking her home one day.

The love letter of the Bible having little to do with human relationship beyond God's perfect relationship with man as long as man obeys God. Then scripture speaks of many things about marriage and sanctity of marriage, to obstain from sexual immorality, but it never advices what type of mate to pick out, but willing tells what the role of husband and wife should be like to be compared to the relationship of Christ and His church. With this in mind scripture sets certains standards for the family unit, but not the romance. In truth there nothing wrong with celebration of romance in the human life, celebrating life is important. However we can not separate love of God from how we conduct our human relationships. If we love God we will keep his commandments. To love is to learn to serve another, to care, to show compassion and mercy toward another and oneself. Our human tradition never wrong unless it promote the worship of another deity. Defining romance by the love of God. Choosing a significant other by the tradition of God's first command of marriage a sacred law then even Christ taught, Even deficienting between love and divorce, law given being one of God and one of Moses/man. God is about unity and building up and man's ways though it is suppose to bring about unity, sometimes divides because of intollerance or inabiity to longsuffer with a person different then oneself. If you put a male and female person on a desert island with no way off that Island, the chance are those two people will become a couple if nothing more then temporary for survival sake. Two people learning to work together in difficult situation of survival. Adam and Eve no doubt were survialist. Abraham and Sarah a couple but often separated in later years because Sarah had her own tent. Solomon's first wife had her own house. Can a marriage last in separate houses, well it did in scripture. Yet perhaps it was only because of infidility and desire to be first wife or wife of conveince or social statue that it survived. Divorce was not a choice in Sarah and Abraham day. If it had been would they been divorced? Yet divorce was in Solomon's day by religious law, but Solomon was only religious by customs. Yet Jezebel and Ahab seem to have an interesting relationship of common thought of evil intent. The prefect couple Isaac and Rebekah, with choice being Rebekah to marry Isaac. Aquila and Priscilla, a couple that work together and were in ministry together.

God told Hosea to marry a harlot. Yet by tradition God commanded his people to marry people who believed in Him. Yet we told if God's people love him they will obey him. a woman of whoredom is not one that keeping God's commandment, though she loves loving everyone. Yet the woman of whoredom was to show how man turns from God over and over and God shows mercy and grace even to sending of His Son to die for us and reclaim his people of whoredom. Relationships in scripture makes no sense until one compares it to the relationship man has with God. The constant battle of successful relationship, and a relationship of told surrender to God. Yet even Christ says no one gives up everything to follow him. In truth we might feel we gave all to God but there always something we hold back. If it nothing more then not giving up of possessions. Priest and Nuns even have things they give not up. Even if it a secret thought. There is no way anyone can give all to God because there always something held back, even if it is something for a rainy day, which might be the secret of the heart we try to hide but even God knows about it.

Abraham gave up his homeland to follow the will of God but not everything about the tradtions of his old life. Even if you celebrate Valentines Day with no thought of Cupid and only the romance of either a short or long lasting relationship with another, the truth of no fornication or sexual immorality outside of marriage exist even down to a kiss. And many give at the minimum a kiss to more then one romance. When scripture talks about purity, obeying God and not the traditions of man, because man everytime in scripture will lead you down the wrong road in life, sooner or later. Nothing wrong with human traditions and celebrations and reminder of things held dear to the heart of man. Valentine's Day is a reminder of romance, though not all the traditions of the day are of godly intent. When one thinks of godly romance one has to ask what then am I suppose to do.

The true romance is not a fly by nite relationship. It is the long lasting wooing and caring for another. That short term relationship only breaks the heart, to the point it goes searching once more for another whirl wind courtship.Purity taught but none seem to follow that purity in scripture. A virgin to marry her husband, and yet even if virginity of two begins the fidelity was often broken. Jesus when he spoke of Marriage and love went back to the old traditions of the garden. If we love God we obey his law of traditions dating back to the beginning, or disobey God's law by obeying the law of man that compromises the law of God.

Tradition of purity begins in the garden of Eden, yet no romance is seen. But a bride given to Adam because no other creature fit the bill of a wife, so to speak. with all this in mind. The courtship of human design to attract a mate is something seen through observation of the animal kingdom. Something mimicked based on attraction, and not on always what is best for someone. The human nature called lust. Yet I grew up in the tradition of one finding there own mate. The tradition of following one's own heart. I eloped, not because I was pregnant, or because I did not feel parents would not approve, but I followed my heart. My husband and I were out one night and we said if it snowed we get married, and it was May, and before the 12th of May cold spell in the mountains. Purity is a gift of God not all can do it. Yet it is a call from from God. A call for absence of sex and making out. Marrying for partnership and love. To work together in unity and love being the final decision for marriage

. The school house crush having no room in the final marriage. Christ wedding begins with a church not spotted by sin, but cleansed from all unrighteousness by His shed blood on the cross. Covering our sin of disgrace of our infidility toward God. Following after the gods and goddess of this world that have no ability to pay for our sin. The idols of this world that attract us to the human emotion of characterist of desire. We see stardom and fame, or strength and money, that can lead to destruction if God's love is not within those desire. If God is not priority then our faith only looking for the strength and charactistics of the world we see around us. Simply put we follow the animal kingdom and not the ways of God to choose a mate based on them being helpmate and a friend during good and bad times. Swans mate for life and cats and dog have no pride.

With all this mind may the romance of February be about obeying God and not our human lust and desires. May God grant all believers the will power to live to his call of purity even in our love life.

1 Timothy 1:4-5 KJV (4) Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do. (5) Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned: