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Time Of Reaping
by Christina Farris 9/01/2015

There is time to reap and time to sow and since about early March gardens have been producing only to be reaped by those who wait for the harvest. Christian we wait for the reaping of the harvest. We do not remove the dead vines, or those that fail to reproduce, but we wait for the reaping of the one above. The one that separates evil from good. Dividing the rotten from the good. There is about three categories of reaping to a garden. The pulling of rotten fruit, pulling of the good fruit, and the pulling of the fruit that is good with some bad in it. We pull the bad hoping to still be able to cut and remove the bad parts out only to either find it rotten to the core or rotton only on the flesh of the fruit. If it is rotten to the core there is nothing one can do, if it rotten to the flesh only, then there is something that God will do. He will take those rotten parts and throw them away only to salvage those good parts for another day. Recreating that fruit into Jams and jellies, or other canned goods.

God sees the fruit and the righteousness of fruit growing and fruit with spots. Fruit that needs cleaning and removal of rotton parts. He see the human nature being evil, be not to the core in some of us. Yet He see the rotten part of our human nature called the flesh. With this in mind God wants to transform both the righteous and the fruit with spots into usuable service for him. God can use us as we are and created us into something new.

When Christ comes into the heart by the word and power of God upon belief, we are like a fruit on the plant that changes as it ripens to maturity. We are like that fruit with rotten spots when we sin and fruit that righteous is purified with no spots that need to be removed. It would be nice if all of us could maintain that cleanness of life style but it not a reality of the human nature that we all war against. That is why in heaven we are given a new body, a new covering for our soul. There only one righteous that Is Jesus Christ our Lord the rest of us have robes spot and ready for changing when we go to be with the Lord. Though Christ washes and makes us white as snow we continual get road dirt on us. Christ continues to purge the sin and the bad from us, making us into what He wants us to be. Totally perserved by the hand of God into Jellies and Jams with the right amount of sweetnes to them to last a life time.

Top Five Christian Pics for August
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Thank You
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Grandparents Day
by Christina Farris 9/1/2015

As I think of my grandparents, I never knew when grandparents day was until this week and it is on September 13th. It is a National celebration and yet how many of us are aware of this celebration. My Grandparents were young enough to do things with my sister and I. They took us places and spoil us rotton. They did their best to make sure we had that one thing we really wanted under the Christmas tree. As well as spending time reading books to us, and cooking for us. Yet the best things I remember about my own grandparents is their words of wisdom and their stories. Stories that made us laugh around the dinner table and reminder to feed their dog those scraps. With two sets of grandparents and two very different worlds and yet very much the same when it came to faith and values. Those are things I will remember for years to come and years to go. What will you remember about your grandparents or old person that you took time to know.



by Christina Farris 9/1/2015

September 7 we will be observing Labor day always with picnics, sales and reminders of the need to rest for all American workers. What it has become is a day of work instead of relaxation. A day of honey do list vs the what I want to do list. The day of kids glad for a day off from school, and a trip to the mall. A day of last of many yard sales, with the rising early to get to those special sales in the department stores. It is a day of the neighbors being invited to that last minute hotdog and hamburger meal. It is also the last of the big camping and vacation weekends.

What was suppose to be a day of rest for American workers and declared by Federal law has a holidays became more work for many in retail. Yet for the American factory worker it became a day of rest along with many government employees. Someone decide one day that American labors needed to be celebrated by giving them a day of rest and of course the American greed turned it into everything but that. For with every holiday observance comes the spending of that mighty dollar. Who is going to work the sales, the hamburger and hotdog grills, the lemonade stand and the yard sales. That is right the American worker who is suppose to be having a day of fun and rest in the sun. There is no rest for the American worker.

Fourteen Years Have Come And Gone
by Christina Farris 9/11/2015

It has been fourteen years and children are coming up with only the knowledge of another Patriot Day to remember of a war that began with towers falling. Fourteen years is a long time, but many have not forgotten, only those that are not patriot will not remember this day. Some remember quietly where they were when the war began, how it effect their heart and soul to see so many dead. To see so many jump to death with no way of stopping the flames and smoke from rolling, where two planes had gone into two buildings. At first it looked like just accident and then the reality set in as the second plane collide. No there was not error at the airport on direction this was attack on our society and on our way of life.

I remember when first watching looking at the images and wonder if it was not some Hollywood stunt. Yet has the reality of those images began to take effect I knew this one event would change not only my life, but those in New York and across our nation. The sorrow that a great land of America was attackable became a reality, yet this was not our first attack or will it be our last. See as long as we are rich, as long as we have people, as long as we have things others want, they will not stop coming unless they get what they want. People stealing from a country that so freely has given to the world.

CIA and FBI could tell you just the same, this was a battle they could not stop on 911 day. Yet they themselves have stopped many battles from every hitting our shores. Yet this one time, the attack was not stopped. Boston Marathon people knew of a potential bomb, and no one dare believed. They kept the runners running until that explosive denotated. Never giving the public a chnace to change to choose whether they ran or sat at that finish line.

The twin towers were not the only thing hit but so was our own Pentagon, yet how many mass shootings have been public knowledge since that attack. Some say it all goes back to radicals and crazy people and nothing to do with war. Yet do they even realize the meaning of war. War is in oppositiion to our laws, to our way of life, to our hopes and dreams and more. It is a war against our freedom it called terrorist attack. There is ways to protest without having a Boston tea party at our door.

A lady spoke her rights of not selling a licenses to homosexual couple only to find herself against the law of the place she worked and our country. Not understanding she had a right to voice her opinion, but needed to obey the law. To house a day of demonstration not on work time. That is how things get done in America. Yet no one is abiding by the law. They think a radical statement will move a country, no it only causes war.

By abiding by the law to allow Bible being removed from public buildings, and our schools, only guaranteed us another day we can and could protest. Yet does our nation of believers march, no we seem to sit back and do nothing. Has the reality of our God become less, or are we afraid to fight and if so why. Not to fight with guns and knives but with our words and our laws. Our nation not always being Christian though we like to claim that title. Our nation is land of many languages and religions. We are like Rome, We are like Assyrians, and the Babylonians. Never thinking that our freedom would mean having to obey those different then our faith.

Though our President and many leaders claim Christianity, I often wonder how then can they let the Bible go from our public buildings. As atheist risen to protest voices grown louder then God's trumpet call. In our nation we have a right to speak out, let us speak, let us write and let us take a stand. 911 is only a fraction of what can happen in our nation. Let us join together in unity under God. Let us join on our knees in humble prayer.

Come To A Point Of Rest
by Christina Farris 9/22/2015

Coming to a time of rest is like coming to the end of a war in one's own life. It is nice to find rest while on the mountain or in the valley. The only way to find perfect rest is not in a box or shell, or in the city, or countryside but resting in the word of God. The music choices for this month express the time of rest in one's life with God. It matters not where you are but who you trust in. There is no one like Jesus that one can put absolute faith in and depend on for everyday strength.

A few years ago I think I probably used September for Sabbath Day Reminder. In Fact the Sabbath is the day of Rest for the Lord. Oh do not think he still working on the seventh day, he makes sure things are in motion so that when He does do a little work it is of the benelovent nature. After all he did he put his guarding angels around us that believe. For this reminder God can takes the seventh day to rest, but by His Spirit He still hears all of us. God looking around the world at all of us all His creation. His hand upon all that believe in His name, and rescuing the perishing that call on His name.

Take time to rest in the Word God and allow God's word to penetrate your heart, so that when you out in the world that word hidden in your heart helps you in time of trouble as well as time of peace by God's Spirit. Trust in the Lord Today and you will find rest for your soul. You will find that rest you need that will see you through no matter where you find yourself.

Suicide Prevention Hotline And Other Information provide by the CDC
Link provide for thos in need and nedding information 9/22/2015


Rerun Article from 9/3/2012:Military Getting Help On Suicide Prevention
by Christina Farris 9/22/2015

The President Obama has issued a official statement on Veterans Mental Health issue concerning Military Suicide hotline as well as online chat, and other social networking help that goes beyond normal business hours. Over 2,000,000 arm forces have been deployed to the Middle East since 911 and they are needing help.

This link no longer active


What do I think? The things service men and women are having to deal with is greater then past generations. Not necessarily. However many Vietnam vets came home with much mental issues because of combat seen. Some finding treatment and others finding it but not getting the help they truly needed. Battle of any kind with flashbacks of events can cause a ray of emotion. For this reason our military not only needs treatment to learn to cope, but also to gain that since of freedom they lost while serving in the military. Our military are willing to lay there life down for our country. How much more can our nation do to help our service men and woman in past wars as well as the Gulf war, and future wars.

Trained men and women need that security of trained professionals to help with issues that normal citizen are only get a small dose of in tragedy events of natureís fury in our own country. Talking with otherís of things they seen, felt will benefit our men and women to become strong a vital people in our society. If we can keep them from drinking away their sorrows, doping away their pain, our nation will be doing good. However without God, without spiritual aid some these will never know the healing power of God to heal the wounds of the heart and mind, and yet even so flashbacks of what was seen, heard, and felt will last a life time, yet with the help of God above, these young men and woman will have a chance to heal. Let us pray for these men and women that God will replace the horrors of war with new visions and dreams that bring about life.

Update To This Article: Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act