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4th of July
Garden Is Growing
by Christina Farris 7/01/2015

As many gardners watch for the ripping of summer vegetation, others are already harvesting their early summer crops. I am waiting for fresh tomatoes as usual and maybe a few squash. Yet the smell of the garden growing only reminds me of childhood and how to get out of the canning that was to come. In truth the farming value has decreased over the years with the ability to go buy things fresh, no one really thinking about where all those can and fresh vegetables come from. It like milk and eggs, no one sees the value unless they milk a cow or gather eggs, knowing the time it takes for the cow to produce and chicken to lay enough eggs to make a meal. It is important to get your hands in the ground to see how things grow, and to know the value of where things come from. It is this way with God's ministry to know what it is to soe, to reap, to produce. to know the value of how God's word not only changes your life, but the life of others. God's garden can not grow without his watering, or his nuturing, but it takes us as humans showing that love God has for others to help others grasp the reality of God. God can water and plant all on his own, but He likes us to join his team in the process by showing love.

Season and Weather
Drums Beating To the Will of God
by Christina Farris 7/11/2015

Are you marching to the drum beat of God or the drum beat of those that seem to move with the power of God? Are you rocking to the music or to the rhythm of Jesus following his beat as you walk that road with Him? Are you rocking to Jesus' timing so that each step is smooth? Are you jumping over those stones in the the path towards Him? Step in time to His beat and He will carry you through.

Are you marching to the will of God? Are you marching in the footsteps of Jesus. Are you keeping in step doing His will to love as He love? Can you love like Jesus? Love is to forgive. Can you forgive like Jesus? The answer should be yes I can, because He first loved me!

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Summer In Scripture

Summer In Scripture

by christina Farris 7/8/2015

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Let Freedom Ring
by Christina Farris 7/01/2015

Man need for rules kills our freedom or only enhances our freedom. Today on July 1st as we head down the road toward the celebration of USA Independence Day observance, I am thinking about freedom in knowing God. If one studies scripture long enough and realizes how many things man does against God's laws or "man's law", one has to ask if the only value of the law is to show our failings has humans concerning God's orignal plan for man. Then the original law of God has proven man is not even able to follow simple instruction of do not eat from this tree, take care of the world you live in and have dominion over the animals. I have a cat that rules my home more then I have control over him. He has a bad habit of wanting to bite to get his way. No I do not have dominion over this cat.This cat has dominion over me. Yet God's rules became more then a simple take care of what I gave you to honor the Lord thy God and worship him only. Then the law continues to say love others has you love yourself. In truth the Ten Commandments can be summoned up by two laws of love. Yet to have freedom man seems to need more laws concerning many things, even freedom to believe, freedom to have and bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and right to persue happiness. Yet speech is stiffled, faith is trampled on and newspaper is not free. The right to persue happiness is based on one's wallet and not on what really makes one happy. Family values needs rules as well as every aspect of our life so the government could control the people, instead of freedom ringing loud and clear. Work became enslavement and friendships hard to maintain because of busy lives. No one having time for what is really important.

Our Government worries more about how to improve our economy to increase better productivity in the work force failing to see that the real need is for people to have time to enjoy their families and friends without needing the overtime to pay for expensive life style. Long hours of work means less free time to think, and less time for people to cause trouble. Less time for people to protest aand least time for people to find things to get them in trouble doing. It like health problems either more health issues from medication keeps people immobilized from being active and productive or it makes one well. It is an issue that has plagued our world for centuries. Freedom is only free if people are not being controlled by something. Yet in truth freedom seems to be caring for one's parents, children and family pets. It called taking on responsibility of choice or no choice. It is called being free has possible to persue responsible choices that harm no one but gives back to those you are around.

Freedom to know God is not enslavement, is not task master, but is freedom in knowing Christ who set us free from eternal damnation,sets us free to obey him, to love not only him, but others and freedom to choose. To love is the only thing of true value. Only thing worth truly seeking, though it can not buy you happiness, you must find that within yourself. If liberty is love, then how can love ever be wrong, it is when what you love hurts your neighbor or your family. Making the responsible choice is freedom.

Independence Day
by Christina Farris 7/01/2015

Do you realize July 2 is the real day of Independence is the actually day we won our freedom from Great Britian. Our nation fought like savages, and fought men of order to the drum beat and the march of unity. We used unsportsmenship like behavior to win a war of freedom. A freedom because of tases imposed on us, and because a governement to far away could not exactly rule a land changing so fast. Our country blooming in leaps and bounds in a rush for land and freedom. A place where Salem witch hunts, and slavery would haunt our nation future. As America swept over the new world, Indian lives were shattered, by war Indians understood not of the greed of the white man. Yet in our zest for freedom we still find ourselves enslaved to taxes, and work with little time for speaking out to our governemnt. As the people grows quiet in the realization the freedom we fought hard only gained us what we already had. A government that believes in freedom, but chases the mighty dollar.