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Father's Day
Father's Day
by Christina Farris 6/10/2015

Father's Day is June 21, 2015. Father's day is always a reminder of not only how important our Earthly Father is but how important our Heavenly Father is. The Word of God says to call no man Father, but God.

Matthew 23:8-11 KJV
(8) But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.
(9) And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
(10) Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.
(11) But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Here it is speaking on calling no one your father in reference to rabbi, priest, teachers of the law and so forth. Father in our society is used to resemble the male person in the immediate family circle and also in reference to fore father's in our nation. Yet it is not meant to take place of our Heavenly Father or to show less respect to our Heavenly Father. Even Jesus is called the everylasting Father and Prince of Peace in Isaiah. Yet this does not take position from God our Heavenly Father. However sometimes there needs to be clarification, if someone is using it incorrectly.
Season and Weather
Summer Coming
by Christina Farris 6/01/2015

As Summer fast approaches and June begins heating up.My thoughts are on the fresh cool of summer mornings. How I love to have summer morning last all day and not feel the dread heat of the afternoon. Yet it is a time for all things to grow and begin to bloom. Part of early faith is like summer mornings, one really enjoys hearing the new songs of the birds, and reading something new daily in God's word to bring a smile to one face. As one grows in faith and storms come and go, the deeper the knowledge of God's word comes.The value of God's word comes to the heart and soul of man is the difference of life and death. Just like sweet rain needed for plants in summer to grow, so the soul needs the pouring of the word of God in one's life to refresh the soul and keep one growing in the Lord. If one obeys God one will see the spiritual blessings of God increase. Without the spiritual water God's word can not grow and it can not be fruitful in a persons life. As the word of God is planted in one's heart God waters it from above by His Spirit and the person bears fruit of God by His Spirit.

Leviticus 26:3-6 KJV
(3) If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;
(4) Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.
(5) And your threshing shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time: and ye shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely.
(6) And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land.

Crossword Puzzles are on the Fun Stuff page. More coming
Turtle's Guidelines For Choosing A Summer Camp, and VBS Guidelines:
by Christina Farris 6/01/2015

Camp and VBS can be a fun part of any child's summer, yet one must remember that people and leaders are still human with human fallacity. One might not want to think about abuse at camp or VBS(Vacation Bible School) but it can happen just like anywhere else. Listen to your children about the places they go this summer. Are they learning about Jesus and their Bible, are they having fun making things, and do they like their camp counselors and teachers. If they are having fun and learning chances are they are in a good place unless they are in group that is doctrinally different. The devil will declare I agree with all those things you believe in, and yet it can be further from the truth.

Make sure where you send the kids is a place you will and can visit anytime you want. Make sure it is a place you can participate in. Camp of course is usually only a visit when you first drop off your children and then you pic them up at the end of the week. Remember to encourage your kids to write from camp at appropiate times and send a letter during the week will help homesickness.

Something else to remember when possible pair you kids with other kids they know. It will make a fun experience they will always remember. Much more fun to explore new worlds in pairs or sets of three with people you know. Because after they get to VBS or Camp I will guarantee they will meet a lot of new people.

One more thing Camp and VBS should never be looked at as a babysitter, but it does give a good break for parents and kids from each other. If you are involved in these activities though your kids might enjoy having you as a teacher consider teaching a different age group then the group your children are in. Give them a chance to hear someone else speak. After all you are in the same church and only usually a shout away.Make sure you take all the require things to both Camp and VBS.

If you think you missed the deadline to get your child in a camp think again, there maybe a waiting list encase someone cancels.Remember to encourage your kids to try something they would not do at home at camp and VBS activities. Do not forget the bug spray, and to watch out for snakes. That is turtle's guidelines for the summer camp and VBS.

What Are You Paying For, This Is Free?
by Christina Farris 6/10/2015

The other day I went looking at my local paper only to discover you have to subscribe now to it. And all I could think, was are they selling progranda of only their view to influence who. Is this information for the public or for only for the elite and the clique, that can afford the price to read their words. Yes a paper has to make money, and a paper has to pay their writers, nothing free in this old world. However my thought is would free advertising for your sponsers solve your issue. After all this is the tech world. More and more business are learning computer programming to accomendate their own website and pages. Some have access to good software programming. However an ad in the right location without to many flashy things that jam the newspaper downloading to its readers could make all the difference in the world. One column just for advertisers as long as they paying then they could keep there ad there. However then you have to fight the dogma of if you are sponser by someone, that you have to including what they want in your paper. Even if you are not in agreement with their side. Opposing views can cause a headache for more then one person.

What does it mean to be sponser by opposition it can mean interesting article, a two way arguement with no solution. Or a way of discussing the truth of both sides. Editors make all kinds of decisions when they write, when they talk, when they hire, fire, and get sponsers. How dirty does one have to be to use a sponser as an opinion. Fortunately I deal with none of those things yet. I still trying to figure out if this site is strictly religious or opinion page about events seen in the world around it. Everyone knows it already a Christian site,Daily devotions every day and eventually weekly Bible studies will start back, but what about other articles. Creative Twisters and more Inspirationals. Truth is all will be coming when I get all Cards and Tags straighten out to the new format and the Bible Studies. All in due time. I am only one person with fingers only typing so fast.In truth. I started a project larger then me without sponsers but alot of encouragers. Thank you fans for encouragement. Great thing is if I make you made yeah I do want to hear from you. Go to my biog and give a reply, but keep your ads to yourself for now. Biog is under Updates and Reruns.

Gun Pop Lollipop World We Live In
by Christina Farris written on 6/19/2015

This morning I woke to fine that President still talking about gun control. The problem is not that accessability of the guns or legistration, it is the fact that gun violence awareness and prevention was not taught to the generation doing the shooting. How can crazy people be controlled. The fact remains crazy people are crazy. Yet our own government puts guns in hands of people claiming to be friends in other countries weapons of mass destruction, only for them to turn them on us. Mr. President maybe American public will get behind you when government decides not to put guns in foreigners hands overseas. Sorry. I feel this way. But the truth is I grew up where guns were known, used and used responsible. Of course there was always the occasional shooting or death by mistake, but never like what has been happening across the nation. Yes crazy people have declared an unknown war, so has street gangs, and so so forth. What the difference, it is effecting churches and religious institutions. No that not it. Jewish synagogues and churches have had graftie and other things done to them for years. What the difference, it is called public awareness not gun control. It called it making headlines like never before. It has drawn the wrong type of attention that leads to copy cats. No that not it. Our news shows where rebel fighters blow up buildings in other lands and some crazy person says," I can do that too here in the states." Yet the only thing that keeps peace is the idea of gum drop lollie pop world might exist really someday. Meaning a world without violence, where people have real peace talks and not cause a seige on another nation, or use force that can cause destruction. It where people allow freedom to reign and not weapons of mass destruction that takes the rights of others away. We all dream of that day, but in reality until Christ returns it just not going to happen. Yet it does not mean we do not strive for the lollipop world.

Prayer For A Godless Nation
by Christina Farris 6/28/2015

Is our nation godless, or without the fear of the consequences that sin has on a nation. Freedom gives way to sin as it always has. It gives way to a nation to make laws that will cause people to sin. The law of Gay Marriage has been passed in all fifty states. Though there will be hushing there also be roar that never been heard before. Freedom only allows for a nation to make rules that God gave in the garden not to disobey God. When a nation disobeys God then destruction does come sooner or later. Yet there always has been things our government has done for years that is not of God but is of the freedom nature that God has given all that are born of woman. A choice to sin and be free, until consequences of God's judgment on sin comes. It is a personal choice to allow sin of others as well as to say no to sin of others. It is a choice to apply sin to your own life or turn away from it. Legalism of our nation is what each of us fight as will as the corruption of our government of leaders that feel they are above God and above their own laws. The question is not if homosexuality is right for you, but how many laws in our nation reflect things our Bible disagree with and has it hit the sewer by allowing rights of homosexuality, or has it only taken that right God has granted every human to be responsible for their choice of freedom. Gay Marriage law only effects gays, it only effects our nation by law of choice that God already allows. Your choice not to be gay is still in accordance to obeying God scripturally.

The irony in this situation is God told Hosea to take a wife of whoredom. You can read the whole story in Hosea. A wife of whoredom was punishable by the laws of the nation of Israel, but not under the rules of the nation Israel lived in at the time of Hosea. What does this mean. Was Hosea in obedience or in disobedience to God or both? Was purity laws only for a generation, or did it apply to Hosea time. Hosea wife sin was not Hosea responsibility but hers. Hosea' sin was marrying a woman of sin of immorality, or sin of worship of other gods?

As you pray for our nation consider this, is what you asking God to remove sin or to remove the choice to decide to sin. Heaven is not a place of sin, but a place of purity. Earth is the consequence for sin of Adam, a place to live because of the choice of sin and not the purity of God. God is calling people from the highways and byways of life. If a gay couple gets saved, are they given the choice to remain has they are, or do they have to divorce? As Christians we are called to live according to the laws of our land, but also called to make individual choices. There already gay couples in ministry. Is it a sign of the times or a sign of God's continual grace and love for the nation as we marry and work with others that are similiar and different then us in belief and culture.

If you going to pray for our nation pray God's will and grace will be freely demonstrated in the lives of people in our nation, as our nation choose laws to set others free but takes away our holiness as a nation or does it just demonstrate our nation marrying nations similiar to ourselves in freedom, and caring for others? Hosea found himself obeying the laws of the land according to God's permission to do so, yet disobeying relgious legalism. He obeyed God though it was in opposition to what he was taught as a person of faith by the scrolls.