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What The Site Cross
Means To Me
Thanksgiving Waist Band
by Christina Farris 11/24/2015

Thanksgiving has always been for my family and I a time of gathering with family and friends. As the family of nieces and nephews expand the gatherings become thinner some years and larger the next, almost like the waist band around the belly before and after a meal.That expanding waist that says I ate to much and it time for the football game, card games, a movie, shopping, or perhaps a nice talk. What the reason you popped that button consider this, it time to remember to give thanks to God for that hot meal.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving remembering the grace and love of God who sent his Only begotten Son to die for yours and my sins. Let us remember that a day is coming where we will be gathering around our Lord's table and feasting at His supper table. No doubt that thanksgiving to God will begin and we will all wonder when the meal will end. For the list will go on and on at that supper table of all the things we are thank for. That will be the day no one will be in hurry and the grace of God's presents will be enough said for we all will bow and worship with thanksgiving in our hearts in unison of Christ Spirit.

Don't be counted out of the greatest feast day there will ever be. Receive Jesus as Lord today and bow at the table of thanksgiving this year givng praise to the bounty God has provide through work of the labor of your hands that was provide for you. Loosen that belt for today is a day of Thanksgiving feasting.

Thanksgiving Day
Loving Memories Of Our Veterans That Served Our Nation
by Christina Farris 11/01/2015

Let us not forget the brave men and woman that fight in battle. Veterans Day is a day of honoring our men and women that bear arms, worked in the medic field and special operations. We can not forget the cost of life on the battle field at home and away. Let us remember why we fight for even now we still at war in Afganistan.

Veteran's Day
November A Month Of Memories
by Christina Farris 11/01/2015

What is November but a month of memories begining with All Saints Day and ending with Black Friday. There is Veterans Day, and National Children's Day to remember. A time of grief and sorrow of those who gone before us to begin a cause to fight for freedom without bloodshed and war. Children as innocent as they are, have no clue how to defend themselves against the monster that abuse. Yet all Saint's Day is not a day to sit back and take abuse, but stand up and declare it is time to fight against religious abuse. Veterans Day another day of memories of much killing. From Independence to the Afganistan we fight to bring to liberty to people that desire freedom from the abuse of governements and leaders that only wanted to destory the human race.

At the end of the month of November we come to remember to be Thankful for the discovery of a new land that we would fight against the current owners for. Makes no rational sense in our world today. Yet the truth in all look at all we gained. The feasting begins even before the 26th of November with the thoughts of families coming home, and friends gathering around the table.To celebrate our Nation's first thanksgiving feast with both people of a nation eating Thanksgiving feast of harvest.

The month ends with the largest shopping day around on the 27th of the month. For some they find great bargains and others are trampled to death. Has our nation become such we want the best bargain that can be found for the cost of another human life? Beware as you shop what price that might be given, and do your best not to be involved.

Twenty-five days of Thanksgiving has begun in Dailies. It will continue until thanksgiving remember something each day to be thankful for. I listed only ten things to remember to give thanks, but it is only a small list ot begin with. We done this celebration for the past 10 years. Let us remember to give God the thanks due him and for salvation rest.

May this season be time of blessings as we remember to give thanks. Let us remember good memories as well as the lives of those who gone before us.

National Science Month
by Christina Farris 11/1/2015

As some of the lastest inventions plague our sky call drones, one can not think how can the government stop the invastion of privacy. The fact is unless you invent a giant fly swatter to swat them robots you will not stand a chance againt those flying bugs.

Has man come to the point that they feel the need to use technology to destroy mankind. Have we come to the place where technology is only use to destroy human physicy. What are we doing to ourselves and to our nation that people would take information from our government and spread it across the web. Not little things that are nationally known but private affairs but hackers into FBI files. I detect a sting, but either way it should not be.

Have we forgotten the fall of Rome or even France in years gone by that enemy came in from outside to win. America put up your fly swatters and destroy, because in truth these bugs are only inventions that will destroy us if we let them exist for the purpose of spying.

What happened to the inventions of the hula hoop, frisbee and lemon twist. Let us not forget the tools for cars that do not fit, and the new vacuums for better clean up, and dish washers with faster cleaning, all inventions to save time or have fun with. Have we looked for better hair designs to only see it already been invented. What left but space and robot wars, no of course not.

Let's teach our kids productivity and fun with what they create and not the toys that destroy.

Face Of Terror
by Christina Farris 11/24/2015

As war continues and men and woman are in the battle field. I can not help but wonder about our nation decisions of allowing refuges in our land. I am not against aid to refugees. However these people understand not American way of life. Cultures cause barriers. It is true love expands above culture. The other day on facebook I made this post. I want you to rememberr Joe Biden as Vice President comes from the state that Terrorist lived in with green cards before 911. He feels it safe to have refuges come to his state.

First listen the the Weekly Address from Washington.

Washington Weekly Address In The Face Of Terror, We Stand As One for 11/21/2015

As much as I like to say help a people in need of help I think our government just lost its mine not understanding the enemy nor the power of them to be willing to suffer to gain access to a land of freedom. To gain access to freedom to do what terrorist acts. mean there people here already that know how far foreigners can use American charity system for survival. People coming have little documentation and might not been known anti American people. We need think hard. Prison camps or social network camps for Islam to learn American way of life might be interesting alternative. However it not going to change extremist views of a government under Islamic rule only. That is what they seek. That what they want. Not freedom. Government looking only at suffering not the weapons of war that these people use which is themselves. Here the point I am making. I am not against help people that are suffering, but to bring them hear and open a door of freedom using every access of our charity is a scary thought. Let us examine our conscious. Don't refuse aid just refuse access. Start a development program to help them rebuild their lives where they are. Put in other war torn areas in that region that are now at peace to see how their land can be if they fight for there home. Because as you imply terrorism must end let it begin in those regions with educating of people like themselves. You can prove extremist by records. Sleeper cells exist. One can not think about the fact that Vice President Biden is from NC who thinks these doors should be open.

Let me add an updated thought, Vice President and the government might want us to think united on this issue, but my opinion has not changed on this, and it is a right of Americans to disagree as long as we work towards peace. Let's look for a better solution.