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Leaves May Fall
by Christina Farris 10/01/2015

As leaves quickly fall to the ground it is only a reminder of more yard work to be done. All the leaves must be raked and bagged or cut up with a mower for mulch. Either way the dead leaves are used for new growth. No one wants to talk about bad things in life, only the good things. Yet evil does lurk and what does it produce for those that desire to be good. It produce wholesome mulch of what will you not do or face destruction.

God's purpose for evil is to destroy it on the day of judgment. To show that evil can not stand or reign forever. It can not remain in our world, it must be destroyed. But with everything like leaves falling has a purpose. Without the decay of leaves the soil would be unfertile. Without evil no one would understand why the fall of man caused destruction. After all God gave man free will. Think Again free will and choosing your own path leads to death. Life is guaranteed with following and believing in Jesus. With the death of leaves comes the fertilizer for good growth. For no one wants destruction or harm to come to them or their loved ones.

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Fire Prevention Week
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Fire Prevention Week
by Christina Farris 9/1/2015

Every year fire prevention week comes around. We honor our fire fighters because of the work they do saving lives of people we either know or do not know. The thankless job of the fire fighter still goes on, it hopes that they will return to there families at the end of the day. Fire, and rescue are seldom appreciated until they are needed. Land in a car on your top, or have your house on fire with someone entrapped, and you will want them at your door. Going through fire to save your life or mine, matters not, for they love there job and that rush knowing they helped someone once again.

Woman's and Men Cancer Month
by Christina Farris 10/17/2015

The hardest thing about having cancer or being diagnoised with cancer is not knowing if you will be a survivor or a death statistic. If you have kids what will become of them especially if they are little. No guarantees of what will be, yet knowing each life and each day is important. Knowing each day value is loving friends and family. Let's not leave loving God out of it, after all one will either be home with their Lord and Savior soon, or be traveling this world onward with Him. The simple fact is cancer is only a stumbling block and not a boulder that can not be removed, but is no guarantee they can get every pebble. In truth it is like a pebbles in one shoe grinding away at the sole of one's foot. If you are lucky they get even the pebbles, if not there radiation, chemo and other things that can be done. It is not a death sentence in all cases, but it can be either a strengther or thief of one's faith.

This month is cancer awareness month for breast cancer, I had another type of female cancer in 2011 and known others in my family with cancer of different kinds. Cancer is not prejuidice against who it seeks. It seeks the old, the young, the dying, the healthy, the rich and the poor. God can heal cancer, but he sometimes He chooses to brings a person home to him, or brings judgment. Consider who you serve this day whether it be Christ or Satan, because if cancer does kill you, you will be seeing one or both very soon. If healing you can know the hope of what faith will bring you each day as you learn to walk in faith through getting to know your Savior.

Two Fires Burning Only One Can Win
by Christina Farris 10/1/2015

There are two fire burning only one will win. The two fires burning does not stop with a fire break but with a backdraft. A backdraft slowly smolders until it explodes into flames burning back the fire of hell.

God begins a spark in each of us with a seed planted in our hearts of who He is. It is a seed that needs water to grow and fertilizer to make it grow. Yet a ember with a little dead grass and twigs, will make that ember grow bright with the right fan flaming it and encouraging it to burn a little brighter.

It is with God's love we burn with passion of the Holy Spirit who teaches all things and enables us to see the impossible happen by His power. The devil might begin a fire but can not last. He might sit in a fire pit called hell, but one day it too will be consumed by a fiery flame of God. The fire flames of hell can not prevail. May Christ burn in your heart and let your light shine for Him.

Anti Bullying Campaign
by Christina Farris 10/10/2015

This is a good month for anti bullying campaign. After all it is also the month of Halloween for those who celebrate evil. No one thinks of the innocents of candy handouts as being dangerous, until they find a razor blade in a piece of fruit. No one worries about deadly poison until some child is dead after eating to much sweets.

No one thinks of scary stories having any meaning, yet in truth it all leads to evil. No one mimics horrible scary stories right, look around the web and you see enough murder and blood shed to give one nightmares. What wrong with dressing up and having someone jump out of a closet. Nothing unless it gives a person a heart attack. Yet all in all what is Halloween but the celebration of terror for some and only candy and bobbing for apples for others. No one minds customs, or fun games, it the mischief that some get into from sawing down trees that fall in the middle of the road, that prevent someone from getting to a hospital. The egging of cars that can ruin a nice paint job on a car.

There is a reason for my madness, it is because I want evil to stop. The mockery of evil only to teach our little ones the dangers that lurk in the world out there. Is there not a better way to teach about the evil of our day. Do children have to see tornadoes and storms to see the wrath of God. Or is just correction from a parent enough for a child to understand there consequences to sin. Will is there consequences to celebration of terror. People live out their value of fright, laughing and mocking until a murder happens, not understanding the destruction of evil until it hits close to home. No one wants evil at there backdoor or in their home. No one wants evil on their city streets, but the reality is that the devil lurks not only on day of frollick but through out the year.

Think long hard about why you or someone you know might celebrate a day of evil reminders. Consider making Halloween a day of teaching against evil and not mocking evil. To teach how to prevent evil and warning signs of evil intent. No one can prepare for a psycho, only for an evil plot. Gun control in one sense is good, but only if the criminally insane is marked by the government legal system. Tighter gun control is only a way of taking American legal rights to protect themselves from evil. Guns always in the wrong hands always meant death. War and guns always mean death. Yet thousands of guns are sold every year to hunters and sportsmen that mean no harm but to the animals they kill for meat. And those that buy for protection, it is safer of protection methods out there. For pepper spray only works well on those never experienced it. Self defense might work for a moment, but if the attacker is stronger or more skilled, you not going to win. The encouragement of evil will never win either, for God's judgment will come.