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August 2016
by Christina Farris 08/1/2016

This has been an extremely hot summer. As children and adults begin to plan their future of what they want to do when they get through school, one can only hope that it will be solid career choice. Yet no one knows for certain if the path one chooses will last through out a life time of work or if one will return to school for a career change in life. I am going to be talking about Christian building blocks of faith. How God our Father is the wise master builder and we are part of the wall that is being built for God's Holy Temple. What type of clay block are you? Are you chipped, marred and ready to be changed so you can be used for God's Holy Temple? Are you ready to encourage others to be come a solid block to rest upon the foundation that begins with Jesus being the Chief Corner stone of faith?

God's temple has blocks built and designed to be used in just the right spot of God's Holy habitation. To be a block you must begin by resting on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Your block will never rest in the Holy Temple wall until you are perfected for the perfect place that God has designed for you.

August 2016

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