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May Themes
by Christina Farris 05/01/2015

The month of May is going to be exciting one. Not only do we have main theme of Mother's, and Memorial Day, but also Teachers and Nursess and much more. Yet I will also be writing some on the the Holy Spirit. there also a Bible Study about the Holy Spirit in the Bible Study section of the site. This is going to be exciting Month as we read and study God's word together so come join me and let God's Spirit speak to both of us through His Word.

Loyalty Day
by Christina Farris 05/01/2015

May 1st is Loyalty Day. Are you feeling patriotic or just a little rebellious. Consider today if your loyalty is with God, family, friends and your country. Not always in the order. Are you a betrayer or Patriot? May God Bless America, and our Home. May freedom of faith reign.

Graduation 2015
by Christina Farris 05/12/2015

As the end of the school approaches for both the graduate and undergraduates of 2015, one must begin to think what does one's future hold? What does it hold with God? Are you going to serve God not because you were taught but because it is your own convictions. Is your faith your own this Graduation 2015?

Many have made commitments to the Lord only to discover that they are going in what seems to be opposite direction. When getting out on one's own, one might rebel some from religious traditions only to find it was really a time of shifting. Explore your world and find out exactly who you are and who you are as a believer. Know God intimately as a friend, so you will know him in your heart what is of God and is not. Learning to choose God's way and not your own when it does not line up with God's way. Be strong and courage. There is many pot holes in life, but only one bridge to God and that is through Christ Jesus. Learning to trust him in your storms and in your joys. May you have a blessed future class of 2015.

National Day Of Prayer
by Christina Farris 05/05/2015

National Day of Prayer is May 7th. Many faiths will join this day not knowing the true Messiah Jesus Christ. Not knowing who Jesus is beyond a teacher or prophet. Not understanding He is the only begotten Son of God, and the Word of God in the flesh. Many voices will pray, but not all prayers listen to by God, because they are not to the one true God. If we want God to hear our voice we must pray to the correct God. The God and Creator of us all. The Great I Am that Moses spoke to in the wilderness. The great God who created heaven and earth. Yet it is God's word we must trust in as well, to be truth and not a lie. A deliver and not imprisoner, a judge but a forgiver, and a God of peace, that wars against evilness of mankind. A God that loves mankind enough to send a Savior to enable us to be free from sin and a yoke of bondage caused by relgious law that was designed to protect a people and began the people's worse nightmare when the laws get corrupted by man.

The decision is yours who you pray to on the National Day of Prayer, however if you want results you better talk to God creator of us all, allowing His word to be the divider of truth in our hearts and minds. Allowing Jesus God's only Son to be the sacrifice for our sins, and not only our sins, but our humanity that is evil. God never intended man's ways to be evil. Yet man's first sin cause evil to begin to rise in the heart of man, because man knew the difference in obeying God and obeying the devil. All mankind knows right from wrong, but not all mankind obeys God in respect to what is right. National Day of Prayer is about a day of repentance as well as a day of prayer in unity for our nation. May we humbly come before the Lord on the National Day of Prayer.

Ascension Day
by Christina Farris 05/14/2015

Not growing up with a bunch of traditions makes traditions seem sometimes more important. However Ascension Day is usually follows Easter by my tradition growing up, and yet the Christian Calendar by tradition shows it around the middle of May and then followed by Day of Pentecost a week later. There are two Ascension days on my calendar. In truth I can not remember if I read a reason for it, so why mention it at all. I actually have been enjoying looking up the traditions not of my own background, yet my memory is not like it use to be and so these traditions get lost but not their theme or Biblical point.

In truth the Biblical points are more important then how a tradition was established by any organization. If the tradition enhances one faith then it has reach the level of tradition that is good and not evil. It has become part of the univeral Christian acceptable tradition to commorate our Lord Jesus as a reminder of not only His birth, His walk on earth but his death, his resurrection and also his departure. Our memory of our Lord is important to faith. A reminder He knows in the human physical since what it is to walk this earth and did it in the perfection of His Father in heaven. Did it without destroying the earth, yet turning over the religious tables because they had made his Father's house a den of thieves.

Traditions of the heart of faith, is not a heart of thieves. Thieves often use tradition for money and not memories, like Easter and Christmas.It becomes a money maker and not a heart of faith, if one only sees it has a way to produce income. Are you catering to the tradition of money or the traditions of God in the heart of man to bring to mind the reasons our Lord walked with mankind in the flesh because God our Father loved us.

Christ would ascend into heaven and our memory of this event only reminds ourselves of the day of Pentecost yet to come of the Comforter Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit who convicted Peter who Christ was, as well as depart from Jesus as He died. The difference of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was to give the believer comfort during the journey of faith and boldness to spread the Gospel. God's Spirit did not leave us, yet our ability to receive was not. The Gentiles knew not of reception of the Spirit in one's life, nor did they understand the need for baptism of God's Spirit, yet upon hearing they too would receive the gift of God's Spirit. The demonstration of the day of Pentcost gave the disciples the ability to teach about the baptism and the ability to receive the interworking of the Spirit in one's daily life. So by tradition we celebrate both Ascension of Christ and the Day of Pentecost as a reminder that if God's physical word in writing is not present God's Spirit is with us to teach us all truth.

Day Of Pentecost
by Christina Farris 05/24/2015

The Day of Pentecost is a day to be reminded and to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to teach and to baptize the apostles and disciples first in Jerusalem and later also the Gentiles. Not one believer was exempt by the power endue from on High. Each believer was givent he ability to testify of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All that would receive the Holy Spirit upon asking or the laying on of hands. If you are a Christian upon faith and receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior have you received the Holy Spirit Baptism? If you have not ask of God today and He will enable you for the work of the ministry.

Dear Heavenly Father fill me with your Spirit for the work of the ministry to be witness for you.

Memorial Day
by Christina Farris 05/25/2015

Let us today remember our brave men and women that fought for our freedom in our nation as well as the rights of others on foreign shores. Let us not forget those that bravely gave up their life for our freedom.

Missing Children
by Christina Farris 05/25/2015

Dear Heavenly Father,Help those searching for lost children find those before the predator does any more harm, and does anymore damage to these young lives that they rob and steal from.

Lord Keep our children of our nation safe from the perils of evil men and women that care nothing for them. Grant children in bad homes the blessings of good ones, and give our children to people that will love them and care for them. Give the parents strength that are hurting and not to give up where hope is still possible. In Jesus precious name, Amen.