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God's Blessings
by Christina Farris 04/07/2015

God's blessings are often prophetic as well as gifts, sometimes not seen until generations later. God's hope and blessings only fully realized in time to come.God is the only one that can take His blessings from a person or a group of people. The removable of His blessings as a punishment to a group, does not mean God's provision is not there for an individual, if they seek Him. In truth God's blessings are not all the same in all people's life. As we explore this month, the evidence of what I speak will appear in the devotionals. Need more about God's blessings, one might study Christmas the 25 Days Of God's Gift Giving In The Bible Study Section.

Month Of April
by Christina Farris 04/01/2015

For the month of April not many things are going on. There April Fool's Day, Good Friday, Easter and Earth Day. Only two of those days are for spiritual reminders of why we celebrate the victory that comes through Christ Jesus. I will finish out the story of the cross and go into this month of counting ones blessings. Can you name your blessings? What about people who were consider blessed in scripture, what made them blessed?

We will finish up the month talking about Cleaning up God's creation. Cleaning up our lives of sin, and most of all how Christ cleans us and makes us into a New Creation.

Passion Of Christ:
by Christina Farris 4/01/2015

The journey to the cross was the passion of Christ. Jesus came to redeem the lost from their sins. He did not come to redeem a righteous man by faith, but those without God. He came to His own people first and many rejected Him. Yet those who believed He gave the right to be the children of God. Not born of flesh but born of the Spirit by faith in Christ Jesus.

As we approach Easter the Day of Resurrection, let us remember the hope we have because of our risen Lord. God loved the world enough to redeem those lost from a right relationship with Him. All we need to do is trust Him and repent of our sins. He promises in return to be just and to forgive us of all our sins, no matter who we are.