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The truth of God's word resounding daily in our hearts is necessary to hear God more clearly without human doubt. Each day should be a breath of freshness to your soul, whether you spend time alone with God, or take time to join another in the study of God's word. God will feed the soul. Many people journal their thoughts while they meditate on God's word. My own devotions I write are free to share but not for sale. I do this daily for my own benefit as well as to help others.

Often on the side, God points out things for me personally as well as things I can share globally. In other words I try my best like any teacher or preacher to convey what I believe God's message is to you and me. I do not consider myself special because we all have gifts from God. And we all have to learn to allow God to develop His gift's in each of us, He has given each one of us to share with the world.

Weekly I try my best to do a Bible Study, and add other things as well. Bible Studies are on hold until I get the page programming issue straighten out. I have a lot of work yet to do. If God bless you, please share it with someone else. Encourage you to read all three elements of dailies: Daily Devotions, Daily Verses, Daily Promises. If you read nothing else at least read God's Word.

March's Passion
by Christina Farris

There is March with Women's Month, St. Patricks Day, St Joseph Day,Palm Sunday, and Passion Week. Let us not forget time spring forward this week and we all loose and hour if in the good ole USA.

Mary, a women of many treasurers hidden in her heart at the birth of her first born Son Jesus, would pay the ultimate price as a mother. She would loose her Son because of God's will for Her Son's life. He would demonstrate greatest love of all to the world. He would lay is life down for the sins of the world. Joseph too as a foster dad witness the birth of his son, but it is thought not the death of his son. Yet he was a man chosen and called by God to care for God's only begotten Son. He was a simple carpent,and a woodsman by trade. He was able to take care of his young family. Yet His Son was wealthy being the Christ, yet he choose a life of meager means. The perfect family for the call of God on Jesus' life. Good Friday being on the last Friday of the month and Palm Sunday on the last Sunday of the month with going into April into Passion Week before Easter.

We will begin having devotions this week Starting with Esther and the plight of Jews and their fast, and move toward the time of Christ, focusing more on the women that meet Jesus. Heading towards the woman at Bethany that anointed Jesus feet before moving into passion week. I hope you will find these devotions meanful and useful in your own life.