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Means To Me
Bring In The New Year 2017
by Christina Farris 1/01/2017

Happy 2017. May 2017 be a time of growth in your spiritual life. May it be a time of new dreams, new hope, new projects and new resolutions. May the New year not be about what you have not but what you can change for the good. Change the things in your life, and others. What can you and I do to make our world a better place. Let us pray for a New Year. Let us prayer for a better world. May Christ be Lord and King His New Year.

Happy New Year Everybody. May God bless you from turtle30cshell

Turtle's Solutions For the Up Coming New Year
by Christina Farris 1/01/2017

This New Year has come in so quickly it seems, but in truth something else as reoccurred the need for change and making plans for doing something new. With having a little more free time in my schedule the need for new projects are necessary. This summer my project hunting began with a little tent, that grew into a bigger home made tent. Yes it is cheaper not to build a tent, but the goaled is to do something with my husband. The tent project began and then it began to grow. After the second trip I decided I never wanted to go camping again. Okay I had a good fall to the ground and well decide camping was not worth being bruised up for. Then I regrouped and began to think how could I make the tent project better. My first tent failed do to rain, and my second flimsy tent held up to some major strong winds. I was sure it was going to blow away that first day. This will be my project to make improvements. It is a project to do with hubby. Of course I have several other projects I am working on. Working on a bed mat for the tent, but also some for homeless people. Then it is a quilting project and sewing up some bags for the tent poles. Yet it more then that, it time with my husband that is important. My main project spending time with hubby. Even if the tent project were to fail, I have gained valuable time with my husband. Time that can only make hopefully good rememberable memories and memories to come.

The project is not about what I am making or doing it what else is occuring. It is like the time in God's word should be time spent with God for five to thirty minutes at a minimum. The time with God is not about thirty minutes but to remind us to carry Christ in one's heart through out the day. Can you carry God's word where ever you go for more then a minute. Can you meditate on it or share it. God's time is similar to family time. Yet often with family when one is working, one is leaving their love ones in God's hands and not worrying unless something is going wrong with family. With God we are carrying his hope all day long. Our hope for a better future and a new day while we are here on this earth. Our hope carried for the needs of loved ones, and friends we hold so dear. Yet it is the daily abiding with God. May you have a wonderful New Year.