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What The Site Cross
Means To Me

Labor Day
by Christina Farris 9/4/2022

Last month we talked about work in the daily devotions, this weekend is Labor Day weekend. I hope you all have some time off. Time off is good for the soul, as long as it is not to long. Time off is needed to rejuvenate the soul, the body and the mind. To begin again with creativity and a clean slate if possible. God's word is healing tool, a creative tool, and often a steady reminder God took a day of rest, not a day of rest once a year, from all his labor. If we can only remember our days off during the week needs have at least a form of relaxation, we improve the mind and spirit.

Many barbeques will be lit for perhaps the final big grill party of this year. Yet it is not necessarily the last grill, but the last time for some before school starts and for others school already in session. Time of fellowship, time of togetherness before everyone is going in opposite direction. It is a time of sweet memories for many. May your Labor Day be filled with new memories and fun times. May God be thanked for his day of rest.

Give Me Oil For My Lamp
by Christina Farris

I had several reason I began this site. Only one purpose seem to have fallen through. Yet I also consider it God's blessing. Why might you ask. Well God in his wisdom showed several things to me about people, about groups, and about life that can not be bought with money or gold. It about individual ministry even if you desire to join forces with everyone the only right way is by God's Spirit. If you intuned to God's Spirit, God will lead and provide all you need. If you part of God's team you are part of the family God and his team. The only oil you need his the Holy Spirit to anoint and to light your path. Some things would be done better with more people, more individual thinking, more writers and more dedicated people. Yet what I seen is social media done something most of us can not do, and establish places for people to interact, witness, and share Christ with people, without ever stopping individual thinking or creativity.

Use the available sources to share the love of Christ. There some that only use the tools of media for family updates or a pass along encouragement or the latest funny and even heart ache. Yet it is a place to let Christ light shine, for God's word to glow across the internet.

When I worked at camp many years ago, Our cabins were set up in units with eight counselors. Each unit leader took time to encourage the counselors of each cabin grouping. Each taking time with encouraging thought or idea. We all live busy lives, can we be encourager online if we have time for nothing else? Can you provide information in a situation to help someone along. Can you do this in the real world beyond cyber world.

We want to be lead by God's Spirit but are we really listening to God? Find your talent, find a way to love. A way to care. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit not just once but daily. To give you the right words, the right encourage, and the right gift to help another.

What To Do?
Christina Farris 6/5/2022

What to do if you see no activity on home page, don't panic, the devotional section usually have updates. And if no update there just check update and rerun section and click on the words Words Press. Why no updates perhaps lack of inspiration. I been typing since 2006 on this website. And online since 2001. That along time, especially when I was not one for essays, term papers, reports of any kind. It is a miracle what God allows us to do.

Bucket List For Fall 2022
Christina Farris 9/4/2022

1. Exercise
2. Bible Reading Daily
3. Rake Leaves (if they are piling up)
4. Fix a special desert
5. Make sure your favorite hot drink mixes, tea bags, coffees are stocked.
6. Find a late fall festival and at least take a look around.
7. Take a dog or dogs for a walk, even if you got to borrow your neighbors dog.
8. Fall cleaning time inside the house and garage.
9. Make a book list for winter.
10. Help a neighbor or elderly friend.